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Nyakwar Janeko: How Flaqo’s Aunt Rose From A Struggling Single Mother To Becoming Top Content Creator 

Nyakwar Janeko is a popular figure on the Tik Tok social media platform. She gained traction in 2023 and through the app, she has managed to transform her life. While many know her as a loud with a ‘I don’t care attitude’, the content creator has faced her own share of struggles. 

Here is the story of Janeko, known as Caroondire on Tik Tok, as told by WoK 


Born in the Nyanza region of Kenya, she is from a humble background and has undergone a lot of challenges in life. 

After moving to Nairobi, she started making a living through stitching curtains. Her husband abandoned the family leaving her to fend for the family. 

Creating Tik Tok Content 

The bold content creator discovered Tik Tok and once she reached 1,000 followers decided to begin posting content. 

Her content was considered controversial by a section of Kenyans but others loved what she was doing. Her content involved teaching ladies how to intimately take care of themselves and bashed men who gave their women close to nothing yet expected to come home to a sumptuous meal.

How Tik Tok has Transformed her Life 

In a 2023 interview, she stated that she shoots her content way after her kids bedtime. She said that she felt no regret for the content and if one day the kids were to ask her, she would say she did it to provide a better life for them. 

The Tik Toker, who has over 130,000 followers on the app, revealed that the app has enabled her to cater for her family and improve the living conditions of her mother. 

Before this, her mother lived a destitute life and was not visited by her children. Both she and her siblings could not afford fare to visit their mother in the village and she lived like she had no children. 

Recounting her family troubles, she explained her elder sister died and her siblings have faced various problems including being left by their spouse and turning from pastors to drunkards. 

With money she made from Tik Tok, she was able to visit her mother and helped plaster her floor. She hopes to continue transforming her mother’s, children’s and siblings’ life through money she earns from the platform . 

Relationship with Flaqo 

Janeko also revealed she was Flaqo’s aunt. According to her, their father was a polygamous man with three wives. Flaqo’s mother was one of the daughters of the first wife. they have the same father but different mothers. 

Debacle with Brian Chira

Following the death of Brian Chira, a video of Nyakwar advising him against excessive drinking surfaced online. While most thought it was sound advice, others felt she was too harsh and others claimed she had predicted his death. 

However, Janeko expressed sadness over the loss of Brian and said he was a friend who would invite her to play games on Tik Tok so as to get gifts. 

In a candlelight vigil organized for the deceased on Sunday, 24th March 2024 at Rainbow Resort, Nyakwar broke down while revealing how Chira’s death has affected her.

Some have blamed her for it and threats have been sent her way but she remains resolute that she held no malicious intentions for him.