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Bernard Wanjiku ‘Bena’: How Driver Built A Successful Business In Qatar

Bernard Wanjiku’s remarkable journey from being a limousine driver in Qatar to becoming a successful business owner is an inspiring story on entrepreneurship.

Despite facing multiple hurdles, he established Butterfly Beauty Shop, a thriving store in the heart of Doha, offering a range of beauty products and shoes sourced directly from Kenya.

Here is the success story of Bernard as told by WoK.

Birth of business

The birth of Bernard’s business coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought about restrictions on travel and limited job opportunities.

He started as a taxi driver as he looked for alternative sources of income.

Recognizing the demand for Kenyan beauty products, he seized the opportunity and transformed his entrepreneurial vision into a reality.

The business came to be as a result of Kenyans in Qatar sending him to bring a number of products from home. He had been doing since 2015 as a side hustle.

Bridging Cultures

Bringing Kenyan Products to Qatar Located in Al Mansoura, Butterfly Shop is on a mission to introduce the vibrant culture and quality products of Kenya to both Kenyan residents and the local Qatari community.

With a diverse range of beauty products and authentic Kenyan shoes, Bernard’s shop offers a taste of home for many, creating a unique shopping experience in Doha.

Overcoming Logistics Challenges

Importing products from Kenya to Qatar is no easy task, especially considering the fluctuating flight charges.

Bernard and his team face the constant challenge of balancing the cost of shipping with the need to maintain competitive prices.

This requires careful planning and effective inventory management to ensure profitability while providing customers with affordable options.

Navigating Business Environment in Qatar

Doing business in Qatar comes with its own set of challenges, including extensive research, legal document processing, and financial obstacles.

He had to overcome these hurdles, including the requirement of having a sponsor, to establish his business successfully.

Through perseverance and dedication, he managed to navigate the complex business landscape and fulfil his entrepreneurial dreams.

Competitive Pricing and Direct Sourcing

Butterfly Shop differentiates itself in the market by offering favorable prices compared to Kenyan retail prices.

This is possible due to their direct sourcing from distributors and manufacturers in Kenya.

By eliminating intermediaries and working closely with suppliers, Bernard ensures competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of the products.

Wide Product Range and Convenient Delivery Options

Butterfly Shop is fully stocked with a diverse array of beauty products, ranging from lotions to hair care essentials, as well as popular Kenyan shoe brands like Bata.

To enhance customer convenience, they offer delivery services via Uber, allowing clients to receive their purchases with ease and flexibility.

Through his Butterfly Shop, he has not only brought a taste of Kenya to Qatar but has also become an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve entrepreneurial success even in unfamiliar territories.

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