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Bernice Saroni: Moving To The US At 12, Hosting Samidoh’s Ex-Wife, Children, And Marriage Falling Apart

Bernice Saroni is a renowned US-based music promoter, influencer of top Kenyan brands, and a nurse. She gained notoriety after organizing Samidoh’s successful tour in the US. Later, she became embroiled in the scandal involving the mugithi singer, his wife, and Karen Nyamu.

In a recent interview on Obinna TV, she shed light on her life in the US and her journey into motherhood.

Here is her story as told by WoK.

Work in the US

The promoter moved to the US at the age of 12 after losing her mother. Her father was a US citizen and helped her secure a green card.

In the US, she is a businesswoman, a nurse, and a music promoter. With the assistance of her father, she promoted the tour of the legendary Lucky Dube. Her uncle is also a musician.

She organized Samidoh’s US tour, which was a massive success, and they made good money from the event. Thanks to this, she was approached by Optiven, a leading real estate company in Kenya, to become their diaspora ambassador.

Regarding the scandal involving Samidoh and his wife, she clarified that she did not encourage Edith to leave her marriage, as she is an adult.

However, she helped her settle in the US. Bernice Saroni also added that she disliked side chicks and referred to them as lacking in self-worth.

Personal life

The beautiful lady is a mother of four boys: Wayne, Miguel, Tyron, and Junior. She was married to a Kenyan who had a good job; hence, she relocated to Kenya. However, when it was time to give birth, she would go to the US and then return to be with the father of her children.

The marriage ended after the husband cheated, and she moved back to the US in November 2018. The transition was not easy for her or the kids. She was depressed and would often break down.

In Kenya, they lived in a five-bedroom house, and the kids were driven to school by car. In the US, they lived in a two-bedroom apartment and took the bus to school. The weather was also very cold. While it was difficult at first, they soon adapted to their new life.

Today, Bernice has worked hard and bought a four-bedroom house for herself and the kids. She said she had healed and is not looking for someone to take care of her kids, as she can do that on her own.

The US-based businesswoman said the problem with Kenyans is that they think that whenever a man dates a single woman, she wants him to take care of her kids.