Best Performing Girl’s National Schools In Nyanza

The Nyanza region of Kenya is home to six Girls’ National Schools: Moi Nyabohanse Girls, Kisumu Girls, Nyabururu Girls, Sironga Girls, Ng’iya Girls, and Asumbi Girls.

These crèmes de la cremes of academic excellence have consistently set high standards and continually strive to outperform each other in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results year after year.

In this article, WoK takes a look at how these schools performed in KCSE 2022:

Asumbi Girls

Located in Asumbi town in Homabay county, Asumbi is a Catholic-run National girls’ boarding school that has often ranked among the highest performing schools, not just in Nyanza, but also countrywide.

In 2022, despite having a candidature of 434, the school recorded an impressive mean score of 10.341, far outranking its rivals. 18 candidates scored an A, 183 scored an A-, 181 scored a B+, 46 scored a B, while only 6 candidates scored a B-

Asumbi was among the few schools that recorded a 100% transition of its students to university, under the able leadership of the principal, Ms Linet Pino.

Nyabururu Girls

Nyabururu is one of the high-performing catholic sponsored girls boarding schools in Nyanza. It is Located on the outskirts of Kisii town.

Nyabururu produced 387 candidates who sat for KCSE in 2022. Despite the high candidacy, the school managed an impressive mean of 8.631, albeit a slight drop from its mean of 8.84 it recorded in 2021. The school produced 26 A-, 77 B+, 99 B, 97 B-, 84 C+, 22 C, 14 C-, 4 D+, and one D.

Kisumu Girls

Kisumu Girls is located at the heart of Kisumu City along the Kisumu Kakamega highway opposite the main Kisumu Bus Park. It was upgraded to National status in 2012 and has consistently ranked among the highest-performing schools in the region.

In 2022, the school recorded a mean score of 8.478, an improvement from its 2021 results of 8.012. 9 of the candidates scored an A plain, 21 students scored an A-, 48 scored a B+, 54 got a B plain, 57 attained a B-, 43 students got a C+, 25 got a C plain, while 7 had a C-. The last grade registered was a D+ by two students.

Margaret Mechumo, the school principal, attributed the stellar performance to hard work and dedication from students and teachers.

Sironga Girls

Located in Nyamira county and based on the Adventist faith, Sironga Girls recorded an improved performance in the 2022 KCSE exams.

With a candidature of 314, the school achieved a respectable mean score of 7.69, though it marked a decline from its 2021 mean of 8.34.

The grade distribution included 2 A grades, 12 A-, and 33 B+ grades, showcasing the resilience of the Maroon Palace, as it is fondly known due to its maroon uniforms.

Moi Nyabohanse Girls

Moi Nyabohanse is a national public secondary boarding School located in Kuria constituency, Migori county. The school, which was upgraded to national status in 2014, is revered as an academic giant in the region.

In 2022, the school had 185 students who sat for KCSE and scored a mean of 6.8432 (C+). Of these, 3 students registered an A-, while the last grade registered was a D which was scored by one candidate.

The performance was a remarkable improvement to when it scored a mean of C of 6.2562 in 2021 and 6.2528 in 2020.

Ng’iya Girls

located in Siaya County in Kalego near Ng’iya town, Ng’iya was elevated to national status in 2012. WoK could not find any credible online records of the school’s performance in KCSE 2022.

However, Ng’iya was among the highest performing in 2021 in Siaya with a mean score of 7.3657. The current school principal is Mrs. Hellen Juma.