Bosire Bogonko: How Shadow Of Death Followed Blogger’s Family After His Disappearance

In a period of only two months, the family of controversial blogger Bosire Bogonko has lost two members. The brother to Bogonko, identified as Joshua Bosire is reported to have breathed his last on 14th January, 2022.

Joshua is said to have died by suicide amid reports that he may have been overwhelmed by the burden of taking care of his ailing father.

Talking to Standard Media after the death of her brother, Winnie Nyang’anyi detailed that he had come home drunk a few days earlier. Joshua is then said to have ingested poison prompting the mother to raise alarm.

He was rushed to a private hospital where he received treatment and then was referred to a public facility for further management. He sadly succumbed aged 37 years.

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The Death of Bogonko’s Father 

Barely one month after the death of his son, the family’s patriarch is reported to have died. Mzee David Bosire passed on Monday 21st, February.

Aged 72, David is reported to be of ill health since the disappearance of his son who was the family’s main breadwinner.  Mzee Bosire lost his memory and during the burial of his son, he appeared disoriented. His sons had to support him when he went to view the body of Joshua.

Bosire Bogonko: How Shadow Of Death Followed Blogger's Family After His Disappearance
Mzee David Bosire and the wife Esther Bosibori. [Photo|Courtesy]
According to the family, David Bosire died peacefully. He had however shown signs of recovery.

“Our father died peacefully at home on Monday. It is so painful bearing in mind that we were still coming to terms with the death of my elder brother,” the family’s last born is quoted by Standard.

Bosire Bogonko Disappearance 

The controversial blogger went missing in September, 2013 and efforts to trace him have yielded nothing but more pain to the family. Bogonko was a journalist turned blogger whose articles were written on the now defunct Jackal News.

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Bogonko was first propelled to the public eyes just before the 2013 general elections where he worked with blogger Dennis Itumbi to discredit Jubilee’s main rivals, the now nonexistent Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD).

However, just 6 months since the Jubilee government took office, Bogonko went missing, and has not been seen to date.

Initially, reports of his disappearance was ignored by close family members because they had gotten used to his secretive tendencies. He would travel to various destinations without revealing to anyone; it was only the air tickets that would unravel the destinations he had been to.

According to Itumbi, Bogonko may have been killed on the deadly Westgate Mall terror attack that left 68 Kenyans dead. Itumbi says his efforts to trace Bogonko by use of various government agencies were unfruitful.

Then Westgate happened. We could not understand how Jackal could be silent on such a major issue and our friend was nowhere to be seen,” Itumbi posted on Facebook last year.

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Known for his penchant for sleaze and controversies, Bogonko had taken on Twitter and ‘revealed’ the identity of one of the alleged ICC witnesses. According to Nation, the matter raised eyebrows to an extent that one ICC judge called Bogonko asking him to stay away from the issue.

Dead or Alive?

It remains a big question on the whereabouts of the blogger and even more intriguing if he is dead or alive. In 2014, Bogonko Bosire’s Twitter account this time on suspicion of being managed by someone else, indicated that the blogger may have been eliminated.

Bogonko died… And I know because I am posting from the phone he had… He become a loose mouth at the end and had to be eliminated,” read the tweet on February, 2014.