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Brian Oruko: From Overcoming Depression To Building A Successful Errands & Logistics Company

Brian Nickanor Oruko is the proprietor of a logistics service company Direct Errands & Logistics Services (DELS). The company launched in Kenya about two years ago with the aim of linking business people with affordable and reliable transportation to ferry their goods and helping out people with running daily errands.

However, his journey to building a successful company has not been an easy one. Brian has had to overcome grief and fight depression after losing his entire family. His will to live, his past experience and his two sons are what keeps him going, as he strives to expand his company to greater heights.

WoK caught up with Brian to learn more about his logistics service business, his battle with grief and also his plans for the future.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

My name is Brian Nickanor Oruko, I am 32 years old, born and raised in kisumu. I am the first born in a family of two boys. I lost my mum 2001 and later losing my dad a month later to poisoning. A year later, I lost my only biological brother to depression and inability to work through the stages of grief.

Describe to us how life was at that point after losing both your parents

My journey with grief started at the point where I lost my parents. I attempted suicide four times since I wanted a way out of that realm. I attended high school at Nyabondo Boys Center 2004-2007. After high school 2008 I enrolled for my diploma in law at Embu college which I never finished because I was implicated in a strike one semester away from graduation.

I moved to Kisumu to stay with my uncle where I later joined Amani Counseling and Training Institute for my diploma in counseling psychology. That is where I got help and insight that I had been suffering from depression for 15 years.

Many refer to me as a grief warrior because of my past. I won the battle of suicide and depression.

How did the idea to set up DELS come along?

DELS KENYA 🇰🇪 came in during the COVID-19 pandemic season in February last year. I had started a cleaning business only for it to direct me to errand sprinting services. My two sons also contributed a lot. Being the ‘errand boy’ in the house during lockdown, I realized I could run errands for people and get paid for it. That is how I made my first 300 shillings.

Where are you based?

Currently we are based in Nairobi, West Kenya, North Rift and Mombasa. Our main center is in Kisumu City.

What kind of clients use this service?

We have a wide range of clients including SMEs and businesspeople like fishmongers who transport their fish to Maseno. Our services also include helping out companies with their bulk shopping needs, our friends and family in other parts of Kenya and Africa.

We are pleased that our client base in the diaspora UK and Europe is growing so fast. Our clients in the diaspora use our services whenever they want a personal assistant to execute and knock out their to do lists like shopping, delivery and even construction for folks in the country.

How has the uptake been since inception of the company?

The uptake is great. Just like I stated earlier we are getting a lot of support as we expand to provide reliable and timely service to the diaspora. Nevertheless we still call on partners and well-wishers to help support our journey by coming on board.

How would you describe your entrepreneurship journey so far?

My entrepreneurship journey has had it’s fair share of challenges and we call for support and grants to help us mutate to the FedEx or DHL express of east and central Africa. I am all about who I hire, our processes, training, my brand and how I run #delskenya.

What keeps you motivated?

My past and the love I have for Miguel and Mordecai-Dylan my two blessings.

What do you see as the future of DELS?

We are transforming into the most reliable Logistics company in West Kenya and north rift. We hope to see our first consignment shipped from Finland to Kisumu Dala very soon.