Inside The Completed House of Activist Boniface Mwangi In Athi River

Boniface Mwangi is a renowned human rights activist turned politician. His house first hit the headlines in October 2021 after unidentified men stormed his then incomplete house, bombed it leaving it partially destroyed. On 10th October 2022 the activist took to his instagram stories to flaunt his newly completed mansion.

In this article, WoK takes you on a tour of house.

The Neighbourhood

The imposing mansion sits in the interior plains of Lukenya, Athi River in Machakos County. The land which the house sits on remains largely unoccupied with neighbours being sparsely spaced. To make the environment conducive, Boniface planted 5,000 trees in the neighbourhood which he nicknamed ‘Courage Base.’ The bricks are well done to give the exterior a stately look. He has also done landscaping. 


The five bedroomed house has a master bedroom, guest bedroom and three bedrooms for his children. In a video which he posted on his instagram stories, the house has a magnificent bar lounge area with four wooden seats and a counter. The house is painted white on the interior, with a wooden floor and large windows that allow natural light into the house.

The kitchen is right next to the lounge and is fitted with state of the art equipment including a two-door fridge, a microwave and an oven. It is fitted with cabinets and shelves . There is a window that opens up to a fascinating view of the Mua hills. The back door opens up to a balcony where he has stored his barbecue grill. He however clarified that he intends to use the space as a relaxing area where he will be installing a Jacuzzi that can fit up to 8 people. 

“This is where we are going to have a Jacuzzi over here. For 8 people, a Jacuzzi with a view from the backside. Grass is growing, trees is growing and this is home,” he said in the video.

Bombing of the house

Earlier in October 2021, Boniface alleged that former Machakos governor Alfred Mutua had sent people to destroy his home following a clash in social media. Mwangi explained that two unidentified men arrived at the construction site at night armed with rifles and bombs. They would then plant the improvised devices in several drainage pipes partially blowing up the house and weakening its foundation.

“I’m a resident of Machakos County. An hour ago, Alfred Mutua thugs have bombed my house under construction, sank the foundation and robbed my workers. I can’t go there now for safety reasons. I know it’s Mutua because he is a molester and an abusive man. He won’t silence me,” he wrote on his twitter page.

Boniface Mwangi would then move to court to seek justice. The case is still pending awaiting hearing and determination.