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Akothee Highlights Multi-Million Properties Owned by Her First Daughter as She Celebrates Her Birthday

Musician Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, celebrated her firstborn daughter, Vesha Shillian Okello, with a heartfelt message on her birthday.

In a letter to Vesha on Tuesday, the 43-year-old artist praised her daughter with affectionate words, calling her a disciplined child.

Akothee listed some of the significant achievements her firstborn has accomplished so far, many of which she herself had not reached at that age.

“Dear Daughter, To the queen of my heart, my best friend and protector, CEO of Savy House, Director of Akothee Safaris, and mother of my grandchildren…,” Akothee began her letter.

She continued, “You are the most disciplined child in Generation Z. At your age, I was already out there with one failed marriage and another failed relationship, with a bunch of kids in my arms, wandering around the world with little knowledge of how it would end. But here you are, with your job, your businesses, your warm beautiful home, your car, and most importantly, you as a person. I think you are the version of what my mother wanted, but fate chose me instead.”

The mother of five went on to express her pride in Vesha and spoke about how she has been an inspiration to her.

She also expressed her immense love for her beautiful daughter and encouraged her to keep pushing forward.

“As you celebrate your birthday today, know that you inspire me. You are my role model. Mama, I know you receive a share of hate from my fans for denial, and doors have been slammed in your face for being Akothee’s daughter. But dear, mama, we still win as a family. Just know that I love you so much and will climb mountains for you. Thank you so much for accepting me and loving me as your mother,” she wrote.

She concluded her letter by wishing her firstborn a wonderful birthday.