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Businesses And Career Paths Tahidi High Teachers Are Engaged In After Leaving Show

Since its inception in 2006, Tahidi High, one of the longest-running TV series on Citizen TV, captivated viewers with its portrayal of high school life.

The show gained a cult-like following and created a loyal fan base that eagerly awaited each episode, allowing viewers to reminisce about their own high school experiences.

Among the memorable characters were the teachers, whose performances added depth and authenticity to the show.

In this article, WoK takes a look at what the former Tahidi High stars are up to today.

Businesses And Career Paths Tahidi High Teachers Are Engaged In After Leaving Show
Kilunda Photocredit/Courtesy

Ted Kitana (Mr. Kilunda)

Ted Kitana, also known as Mr. Kilunda, portrayed a strict teacher who kept the students on their toes. After the show ended in 2020, Kitana retired to his rural home in Machakos County.

He has since started several businesses there, including mixed farming and owning a barbershop and salon.

Businesses And Career Paths Tahidi High Teachers Are Engaged In After Leaving Show

Angel Waruinge (Miss Morgan)

Angel Waruinge played the role of Miss Morgan, the strict deputy principal who won the audience over with her acting talent. However, Waruinge faced challenges dealing with the challenges that come with fame.

To overcome these challenges, she enrolled in a psychology study and has since embarked on acting, mentoring, and program tours in various schools across the nation.

She also works as a business executive at Nairobi Performing Arts Studio.

Mr. Tembo Photocredit/TheStar

Joseph Omari (Mr. Tembo)

Joseph Omari portrayed the character of Mr. Tembo, the principal who ruled with an iron fist. After appearing in the early seasons of Tahidi High, Omari had other roles over the years, including in the KBC television series Makutano Junction.

He moved back to his rural home in 2020 and has been leading a quiet life with the support of his children.

Ms. Obinja Photocredit/Courtesy

Veronicah Mwaura (Ms. Obinja)

Veronicah Mwaura, known as Ms. Obinja or Teacher Kandi in Tahidi High, played the role of a tough but sometimes underestimated teacher. In addition to her acting career, Mwaura is also a news anchor at Inooro TV. She continues to showcase her talent and versatility as an actor.

Geoffrey Githae Njogu (Teacher Karimi)

Geoffrey Githae Njogu, popularly known as Teacher Karimi, portrayed a tough disciplinarian in Tahidi High. Besides acting, he is a film director, trained counselor, and motivational speaker at a private firm.

Njogu’s eloquence in both English and Swahili has made him a sought-after speaker in schools across the country, where he mentors students on various aspects of life and academic excellence.

Benard Mwangi (Mr. Mweposi)

Benard Mwangi, famously known as Mr. Mweposi, recently opened up about his battle with alcoholism and the challenges faced by actors in Kenya’s film industry.

After his contract with Citizen TV ended, Mwangi found it difficult to sustain himself and his family solely through acting due to inconsistent pay and underpayment in the industry.

He has expressed a desire to expand his chili farm and is seeking financial assistance to pursue this venture.