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Charity Thuranira: How Boss’s Ksh 5,000 Seed Money Blossomed Into A Thriving Interior Design Empire

When an employer denied Charity Thuranira her full salary after working for four months, she took the Ksh5,000 she was paid and put it towards starting Samara Homes, an interior design business in Meru town.

Here’s her inspiring journey as told by WoK.

Early Life and Background

Charity Thuranira was born and raised in Kithoka, Meru County, a place often referred to as the “land of milk and honey.”

She grew up in a large family as the fifth of eight siblings.

Life in the village was filled with joy as they woke up to the cool countryside breeze, accompanied by the sound of cows mooing.

Growing up, they were exposed to various chores, from fetching water to cooking and even grazing.

However, what they feared the most were the elephants that roamed freely. Charity humorously recalls telling her friends that she practically grew up in a park.

Education and Early Career

During her high school years, Charity discovered her passion for stitching.

She excelled in Home Science, thanks to her love for tailoring.

However, when she completed high school, she initially decided not to pursue tailoring as she considered it old-fashioned.

Instead, she opted to study catering and later worked in various tourist hotels. After a few months, she realized that she had made the wrong career choice and decided to quit.

She transitioned to selling insurance for about a year, but in 2011, she decided to return to tailoring. She started by stitching a particular item – the bedroom handbag holder – and it turned out to be a significant success.

‘I made a lot of sales from it and, while at it, I got many inquiries from clients asking for help on house finishes. That is how my interest in interior décor developed,” she recalled.

Developing Her Skills

Charity’s growing interest in interior design led her to seek ways to develop her skills further.

She attended a class called “Diamonds in the Desert,” where she transformed her mindset and identified her true talents. Later, she enrolled in interior design classes, even though she had to drop out due to financial constraints.

She continued to believe that her determination, combined with divine intervention, would lead her on the right path.

Founding Samara Homes

Charity’s entrepreneurial journey took a significant turn when she shared her idea with a group of individuals who promised to support her vision.

She worked with them for four months but was abruptly dismissed, receiving only Sh5,000 for her efforts.

This experience became a turning point, convincing her that it was time to follow her dreams and start her own business. With that meager payment, she founded Chetkuba Samara, later rebranded as Samara Homes.

Running a Startup

To kickstart her business, Charity rented a shop in Gakoromone, downtown Meru, where she obtained her first client.

That client entrusted her with the responsibility of finishing his house, setting her on the path to success. She emphasizes that her journey was guided by divine grace and a deep connection with her faith.

” I must say it has taken the grace of God for me to get to where I am today. The journey has been fun and at the same time unpredictable. It’s neither easy nor hard to run a business. In every stage of the business, you need God above everything for divine direction. Having revelations and focusing on God has helped me through it all.” She advised.

While running a startup, she acknowledges the unpredictability and challenges of entrepreneurship.

Clients not paying on time, limited operating capital, and finding the right people who share her vision are just a few of the challenges she faces.

Diversifying Her Business

Samara Homes specializes in interior décor and offers a wide range of products, including bedroom handbag holders, canvas handbags, and organizer bags made from various materials like kitenge, canvas, jeans, rexin, and leather.

One of their unique products is the canvas handbag with waterproof lining. Additionally, they create car organizer bags designed to pack travel items neatly.