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Charles Kipng’eno Langat: Kericho Businessman Who Rose From Selling ‘Mitumba’ Clothes To Winning Road Tenders Worth Millions

In 2018, the perception of road construction as an exclusive domain of well-established companies began to shift, thanks to the inspiring story of Charles Kipng’eno Langat.

At 47 years old, he was challenging the status quo and demonstrating that ordinary citizens could thrive in the thriving business of road construction.

Here is his story as told by WoK.

Mr. Langat had humble beginnings, previously making a living by selling second-hand clothes at the Kericho open-air market.

However, fueled by ambition and determination, he slowly but surely built his reputation and wealth as a road contractor.

By 2018, he boasted a fleet that included four road graders, four bulldozers, and several lorries.

Langat’s journey took an interesting turn.

He initially found success in the mitumba (second-hand clothing) business, accumulating a total of Ksh1.8 million over five years.

But challenges emerged when he imported sub-standard clothing bales from Germany and fell prey to a con artist, resulting in a substantial loss of Ksh1 million.

Undeterred by these setbacks, Langat decided to close his clothing business and explore new opportunities.

In 1998, armed with an initial capital of Ksh800,000, he ventured into the world of chasing tenders to supply goods to State institutions in Kericho.

His determination and persistence paid off when he secured his very first tender that year, providing 50 bags of beans and 20 bags of maize flour to the Kericho District Hospital.

He expanded his portfolio by supplying timber for construction and firewood to local approved schools and the prisons department.

These smaller tenders marked the beginning of Langat’s remarkable journey.

His profits reached approximately Ksh150,000, providing the impetus to establish a company aimed at pursuing more substantial tenders in the road construction sector.

In 2003, he laid the foundation for Chaglano Enterprises Ltd.

Following the company’s registration, Langat successfully bid for his first significant road construction project.

This venture involved the surfacing of three kilometers of the Kipsitet-Kapsorok road in Soin/Sigowet constituency at a cost of Sh1 million.

“After the registration of the company, I bid and won my first road tender, which was to murram three kilometres of the Kipsitet-Kapsorok road in Soin/Sigowet constituency at a cost of Sh1 million.” He recalled.

This milestone marked the start of Langat’s ascendancy in the road construction industry, underscoring that even ordinary citizens could flourish in a field once considered exclusive to the elite.