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Ten Cheapest Boda Boda Insurance Covers In Kenya And Their Cost

Passenger carrying boda boda and tuk tuk will be required to have third party insurance cover if a proposal by Treasury CS sails through. With the many accidents involving boda boda’, this new move will go a long way to cushion passengers and pedestrians from medical expenses incase of such an eventuality.

The proposal has already come under sharp criticism from a section of leaders led Nairobi County Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko who have vowed to oppose the proposal as it will put financial strain on the boda boda riders. In his budget reading, the CS said:

“Boda boda transport provides cheap transport and employs a large number of youths but when an accident occurs, victims mostly from the lower cadres of society solicit financial assistance from family and friend to offset medical expenses as these boda bodas are not insured”

And the CS is not entirely wrong. During the months of January and November (2018), a total of 511 people died from boda boda related accidents, 74 more deaths than the previous year.
Here are the affordable insurance companies the 1.3 million boda boda and tuk tuk riders can try out.
Additional information: theinformerke.com

Equity Bank-(Bima ya Boda Boda/ Tuk Tuk)

This is one of the few companies that insures boda bodas. Equity Bank, through Bima ya boda boda/ Tuk Tuk, has one of the best motorcycle insurance rates in Kenya. They only offer comprehensive insurance for Sh 4,500 (six months) and Sh9,000 annually. Here are the features of the Boda Boda insurance:

Passenger Liability upto Ksh. 3,500,000/- per person

Pa Cover for the rider (Death & Ptd Kshs 250,000/= Medical Expenses Kshs 50,000/=)

Riot, strike and civil commotion

Free benefits : Reflector jackets

XPLICO Motorcycle Insurance

XPLICO is arguably one of the best insurance company in Kenya that covers boda bodas. They have excellent customer service and their rates are simply unbeatable. Annual Comprehensive and Third Party XPLICO motorcycle insurance goes for Sh7,200 and Sh5,000 respectively.

KCB Boda Boda And Tuk Tuk Insurance

The Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) has attractive offers for Boda Boda and Tuk Tuk owners. The policy covers personal injury to the rider, protection against liability to third parties, damage and accidental loss of boda bodas and tuk tuks.


In the case where a passenger dies, Allianz “will pay the financial compensation due to the passenger as awarded by a court of law together with the associated litigation costs subject to the maximum limit”. Incase of third person injury or death, the insurance “policy covers you from claims that would arise if your motorcycle is involved in an accident and injures someone, or causes death. The policy ensures that you are protected from the costs that would arise if you hit someone with your motorcycle.”

Spurfin Insurance Agency

Unlike Equity’s Bima ya Boda Boda which has only comprehensive cover, Spurfin Insurance Agency boasts of Third Party Fire and Theft Only (TPF&T) , Third Party Only (TPO) in addition to comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive cover is sh10,000 while third cover insurance goes for sh4,500.
NoteThis information may have changed. Their website is no longer functioning.

Remember to carry the registration number of your boda boda and KRA pin when you go to apply for your insurance.

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