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Harambee Stars Team Hotel In Cairo, Egypt

Harambee Stars will be representing Kenya in the 2019 African Cup of Nations (2019 AFCON) after a long 15 years absence. Kenyans are excited as they root for Harambee Stars to atleast reach the second round of the most watched tournament in African soil. A lot of money has been invested by the government on the national team and Kenyans will expect nothing short of good results from the lads.

The team’s coach Sebastien Migne is however unhappy with the accommodation of his squad in Egypt. He claims that Rose Plaza has no internet access which is detrimental to his players. He was quoted by a leading online news outlet saying:

“The main problem was the accommodation because when we visited the hotel at this time internet was there, sport channel also and now we have nothing, and when we have a player with one training session in a day they need a sport channel to follow the tournament, an English channel!

“With the new generation if you don’t have Wi-Fi your day is very long….and to us I ask my federation to help me over that because sometimes you can affect the mentality of a player for nothing.

This writer did a quick search on the hotel by the same name and it looks pretty decent. We cannot however authoritatively report if Tiba Rose Plaza Hotel is indeed the accommodation of Harambee Stars.

Here are the photos:

Harambee Stars Team Hotel In Cairo, Egypt

Harambee Stars Team Hotel In Cairo, Egypt

Harambee Stars Team Hotel In Cairo, Egypt
Harambee Stars Coach Has Complained The Hotel Doesn’t Have Access Internet Photo/Courtesy