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Chiefs And Assistant Chiefs Salary In Kenya

Chiefs and their assistant chiefs play a critical role in ensuring the national government presence is felt at the grassroots level. These officers are tasked with preventing crime, arbitrating in disputes in their jurisdiction, sensitising residents about government programmes among other duties. The chiefs are assisted by village elders who identify criminals and arbitrate in land and family disputes. To make their work easier, Chiefs in some jurisdictions have been given motorbikes.

Qualifications of being a Chief in Kenya

While some of these requirements are never adhered too, especially academic qualifications, a candidate will generally be considered for appointment as a chief if he has the following:


For appointment to this grade, candidates MUST:-
1. Be in possession of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) mean grade C or its approved equivalent with C in English or Kiswahili.
2. Be thirty five (35) years old and above
3. Have worked in the Public Service for a minimum period of five (5) years.
4. Be in possession of a certificate in Public Administration/Management, Social Work/Community Development, Teaching, Disaster Management or its equivalent from recognized University
5. Be a resident of the particular Sub-Location
6. Be a person of integrity who commands respect and,
7. Possess good communication skills

Good news for Chiefs And Their Assistants

The government introduced a new scheme that will see chiefs and their assistants rise to other positions starting from assistant county commissioners (previously known as District Officers or DOs), deputy county commissioners, county commissioners all the way to regional coordinators (previously known as provincial commissioners or PCs).

So how much do these officers earn?
Unlike in the past, Chiefs and their assistants are now eligible to be promoted to higher positions in the national administration structure. This career mobility means the grassroots administrators can become assistant county commissioners, deputy county commissioners, county commissioners and even regional commissioners. Until 2005, senior chiefs used to earn ksh15,600 excluding housing allowances and other benefits. This was reversed to ksh33,384, although reports seemed to suggest that the increment was never effected.

Chiefs earn less than ksh40,000 before the increment while their assistants take home just above ksh20,000. Kenya has a total of 6,000 chiefs and assistant chiefs. Next


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