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Highest Paid Radio Presenters in Kenya

Radio has for long been a crucial tool in keeping the community updated with news, current affairs and entertainment. Although the stations are many, the listenership highly depends on what a station can offer as well as the presenters.

The presenters are paid huge sums of money to keep us entertained and updated.

In this article, we take a look at some of the highest-paid radio presenters and what each takes home.

Maina Kageni

According to close sources, Kageni could reportedly be the highest-paid presenter. Kageni rakes between Ksh1.5 and Ksh1.8 million monthly.

The presenter hosts the breakfast show at Classic 105, together with his co-host Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill) who goes by the moniker Mwalimu King’ang’i.

How Kageni rose above ranks to be where he is a story you cannot miss. Surprisingly, he never started off as a presenter.

He began as a truck boy in the United Kingdom, before jetting back to Kenya. His radio journey started in Capital FM, then Nation FM, Kiss FM, and later Capital where he works to date.

Daniel Churchill Ndambuki aka Mwalimu King’ang’a 

Serving as Maina Kageni’s co-host, the presenter who doubles up as a comedian rakes in Ksh1.2 million monthly.

This is not in addition to what the comedian may be earning as bonuses from his employer.

Joseph Ogidi Alias Gidi

Gidi is a famous radio presenter who runs the Patanisho program on Radio Jambo. He reportedly pockets between Ksh0.6 to Ksh1 million monthly.

Discreet sources indicate that he almost got snatched up by Radio Citizen before his employer topped up his pay.

Willy M Tuva

The Mambo Mseto host earns around Ksh0.8 million on his Mambo Mseto radio program. He also doubles as Mseto East Africa host in Citizen Tv.

Daniel Kithinji Alias Mbusi

He previously worked with Ghetto Radio before landing greener pastures at Radio Jambo.

The presenter is said to be earning about Ksh0.7 million, despite him not having studied any media-related course.

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