Corazon Kwamboka Biography, Education, Career, Family and Relationship

Corazon Kwamboka Biography, Education, Career, Family and Relationship
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By Prudence Minayo

Corazon Kwamboka (born in 1991) is a lawyer by profession, businesswoman but most Kenyans know her as a socialite. Her father named her after a Filipino revolutionary, Corazon Aquino. She came into the limelight after photos of her curvaceous body went viral online. 


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Corazon attended Lwak Girls High School where she excelled in her studies. She later joined the University of Nairobi (UoN) for a Bachelor of Law Degree and graduated with second class honors, upper division. She was to later join the Kenya School of Law for a Postgraduate diploma. 


The UoN graduate became a socialite by chance. She had gone to a studio to work on a project with comedian Eric Omondi. The photographer thought she looked good and took a photo of her which he posted on Facebook. That photo went viral and thus her journey as a socialite began.

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In an interview on Chatspot, she said despite being a lawyer, her status as a socialite prevents potential clients from taking her seriously. She said her socialite status prevented her from practicing law as she had to pull back. She felt misjudged and didn’t even want to look for a job due to the label “Corazon the socialite.”

Corazon is a businessman who owns a fitness line called Genio Sports Wear. She stated in an interview, that the line was inspired by her unsuccessful attempts to find work out attires that were suitable for her unique figure. 

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“When I was working out nothing fit me so that’s how I started Genio Sports Wear,”  she told a local daily,

Family and Background

The certified lawyer was born in 1991 and raised in Bondo, Kisumu county. She had ten siblings but two passed away. She is the firstborn in her family. 

It was alleged that in 2015, her father, Osman Sambu Okero and her mother Keziah Otieno were not on good terms owing to their daughter’s socialite lifestyle. Mr. Okere was at one point an accountant before switching to become a teacher. He was apparently not happy to see what he termed as disturbing photos of his daughter on the internet and upon asking her she said it was just modelling. 

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Later, her parents sorted out their issues but her dad allegedly went back to the village. This was reportedly due to the fact that he felt no longer respected since he was no longer the breadwinner as Corazon was providing for the family. None of these reports were proven. 

Speaking to the Standard, Corazon’s father said that his daughter got her good looks from her mother. 

He went on to say that her wife was seeing someone else when they met:

“I used to work as an accountant in Siaya Branch. That’s where I met Corazon’s mother, Keziah Atieno.

“One night, her boyfriend turned violent and she came to my house for help but never left. That is how we ended up together. Later in 1986, her brothers came for her because they never supported our marriage due tribal differences,” he told the daily. 

To make sure the relationship was over, Keziah’s family took her to Nairobi to study tailoring. 

“As soon as training was over, she went back to her family and asked them to accept me as her love,” he told the publication. “Immediately she came back, I arranged for a traditional marriage. I took two cows, two goats, and Sh10,000 as dowry to Alego.


In the past, various local dailies reported she was dating a rich Nigerian and later on an Italian by the name Gaetano Amato. She introduced him as her boyfriend in 2017 but later the two went their separate ways. Long distance was cited as the main cause of their breakup.

Corazon later began dating Frankie Just Gym It. At first, the relationship was shrouded in scandals. This is after Frankie’s previous lover and mother of his children, Maureen Waititu, accused him of cheating with Kwamboka while they were still together. Social media users took sides with some supporting Frankie and Corazon while others supporting Maureen Waititu. 

Frankie and Corazon welcomed their first child last year and recently announced they were expecting their second child. 

Shortly after the news of their second pregnancy, rumors have emerged that the two are having a troubled relationship. This follows a cryptic message on Corazon’s social media pages. At first, she said she was feeling lonely. In the second post, she wrote that before she used to flip out after finding out her man was cheating but the woman she is today can’t do that as she knows her worth. She wouldn’t care if a man cheated as that’s his loss. 

Ovarian Cysts

In 2019, she opened up about her struggle with ovarian Cysts. 

“When I walked into his office, I had no hope, depressed (from a bad breakup) and realizing that I had two large cysts (7cm and 3cm) on both my ovaries,” she wrote.

She praised her gynecologist Dr. Ongechi for encouraging her and the cysts were removed successfully through surgery.

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