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Cyd Wambui: Illustrious Career Of Kiss 100 Presenter, Education, And Personal Life

Cyd Wambui is a Kenyan radio presenter, currently gracing the airwaves at Kiss 100. Her journey in the industry has been marked by disappointments, perseverance, passion and triump.

WoK looks into her educational background, career, and personal life to get to know her better.

Education and Career

Cyd embarked on her academic journey at Pan African Christian University from 2017 to 2019. After her tertiary education, she took her first steps into the media world as a news reporter at Switch TV.

Landing the coveted role of hosting the Drive show on Kiss FM was a dream come true for her. Initially, Cyd co-hosted the show with Chito Ndhlovu. Interestingly, the contract was signed on April 5th, coinciding with her 25th birthday.

At this pivotal moment, she found immense joy and a sense of achievement, given her earlier struggles.It’s worth noting that Cyd had faced two years of job rejections post-graduation, leading her to contemplate leaving the media industry.

However, her determination led her to apply for the Kiss FM job six months before finally getting it.

Speaking to Word IS, she stated, “I was like, if this never happens, I will look for another job because media is not for me. I promise to give them the best because this is my passion. A girl on a journey. I want people to see me grow.”

Cyd’s passion for radio has always been evident. As a young girl, she looked up to Caroline Mutoko and even imitated her voice. Her vibrant personality reflects her desire to be a platform for creatives in Kenya, although initially, she believed Kiss FM only hired well-known personalities.

To commemorate her milestone, Cyd shared a heartfelt post on Twitter, reflecting on her journey from December 26, 2020, when she was 24 and feeling like a failure, to December 26, 2021, where she was living her wildest dream as a radio presenter at Kiss FM.

Wambui also expressed her pride in her identity, emphasizing her passion for embracing natural beauty. She disapproves of attempts to lighten the skin through makeup, asserting that makeup should enhance one’s features, not alter their entire appearance.
When Cyd’s co-host Chito left Kiss FM, she continued her radio journey alongside Joe Saina. Later on, she transitioned to another program as Nadia Favre took over her previous role.

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Personal Life

Beyond her career, Cyd Wambui is the eldest of seven siblings. She acknowledges her father’s pride in her ability to pay rent, dispelling his earlier reservations about it being a waste of money. Her mother, who pursued a course in journalism, is equally proud of her achievements.

Cyd Wambui’s story is an inspiring one of resilience, determination, and unwavering passion for radio. Her journey from struggling to find a job to becoming a celebrated radio presenter at Kiss 100 is a testament to the power of pursuing one’s dreams relentlessly. Her commitment to embracing her true self and promoting natural beauty is also a message of empowerment for many.