Cynthia Nyamai Biography, Background and Education, Marriage and Career

Cynthia Nyamai is a renowned Kenyan journalist who currently works  at KBC Channel 1 as a news anchor and talk show host. Her career journey began at KTN where she was able to accomplish so much within a short time.

She became the first Kenyan to be feted with  the Best Upcoming Business Journalist in Africa by Diageo Business Awards. After conquering the world of media, she went on to establish herself as a reputable PR consultant.

This gave her the opportunity to work with different governments in Africa. Cynthia has also worked as a freelance writer for Forbes magazine Africa. 

Here is her story as told by Prudence Minayo. 

Background and Education

The journalist was born in Mombasa before moving to Nairobi. She was raised in a close-knit middle class family. From a young age, she was taught Christian principles and got saved at the age of 5. 

She is a graduate of United States International University. 


The award winning journalist was married to David Makuyu but the two called it quits about two years into the marriage amidst cheating and violence allegations. 

Linked to Nigerian billionaire

In 2013, Cynthia Nyamai was romantically linked to a Nigerian billionaire. According to the report appearing on the Standard, the news anchor confirmed that she was scheduled to met the billionaire associated with Dangote Group in Nigeria. She told the publication:

“I don’t know what they have told you but it is true that we are friends. He is the 24 richest man in the world and he is chasing business interest in Kenya. I could be making a visit to Nigeria next week,” It’s not clear if the two had a thing going.

Cynthia Nyamai Biography, Background and Education, Marriage and Career
Photocredit/Cynthia Nyamai Facebook


Cynthia’s dream was to work as a journalist at KTN. While looking for an internship opportunity, she visited the media house offices on numerous occasions and never gave up despite the inability to reach the boss.

Finally, she got the opportunity after several failed attempts and began working as an intern for KTN where she stayed and became a business news anchor.  

The journalist called it quits and opened her PR consultancy firm known as Cynthia Nyamai Communications. The transition from the newsroom to the world of business was not easy but she did a commendable job and established herself as a businesswoman.

She got the chance to work with some of the biggest names in the Kenyan world of business including Vimal Shah and Tabitha Karanja.

Working with politicians

As a reputable PR consultant, she got the opportunity to work with the TNA party (now Jubilee) during the 2013 general elections. TNA won the election.

She went on to secure a job working with the Nigerian High Commission. 

She moved to Tanzania and worked for Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), which is the ruling party. This was followed by Uganda where she once again worked with the ruling party. 

In Kenya she has worked with a number of corporates/government bodies including Equity Bank, National Transport and Safety Authority, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, AAR Health Services, Citibank, Nakumatt, Keroche Breweries and KENGEN.

In 2020, she started a show on Instagram called Conversations with Cynthia Nyamai. The show featured some of the top names in the world of business.

Later, she would start The Cynthia Nyamai show on YouTube. The show is a massive success and has also featured some well known media personalities and is filled with lessons to be learnt from other people’s experiences. 

In 2021, she was among the new journalists hired by KBC during the station’s re-branding. 

Finding Love

The media personality revealed the kind of man she is looking for in an interview with Lynn Ngugi. In her 40s, Nyamae pinpointed the qualities that attract her to a man-tall, dark and handsome. To top it, he has to have clean-cut beards and smell good.

I know my man has to be a king. I can’t marry lower than a King and I know people will think it means property blah blah blah, but it is where they are in the spiritual things.

Some things come naturally from working with God. As a prophet, I can only marry a King, so that he doesn’t tear down my office and things that God has given me,” she told Lynn.

Cynthia Nyamai Biography, Background and Education, Marriage and Career

She went on to add,

“I will marry one day not because of romantic ideas only, it will be because my call, my purpose should be aligned with his. I will help him get to where he is meant to and he will also help me. A woman brings life.”

The news anchor wanted a quiet life with the man God would give her,

“I used to tell God to give me a man who on Fridays, will just be coming home, We have dinner after that I make a flask of tea we sit and we pray until morning.”

“God takes us through a journey. So God wakes me up in the morning he tells me, Let’s have a date come to the balcony, send for Java and we enjoy.

Nyamai shared how God took her for dates to prepare her for marriage.

…He said I want to prepare you for marriage. I said God as I sit on this balcony, a hot guy will pass by a hot man, I will just see a tall man at the gate saying Excuse me I’m lost. Wapi!

According to Cynthia, God told her to “apologize to all the men I had worked with.”

“I had to call many men in my life and apologize. And the funny thing is he started working on me. He said you are the problem, you are not ready for marriage,” she said noting that God told her that she practised a lot of manipulation towards men.