David James Kimoi Moi: Scion Of Gideon Who Quit Engineering For Farming

By Isaac Blessings

Most Kenyans practice small scale farming which is not lucrative. But those who have large farms, ready markets for their produce and the expertise make a fortune. In this article we take a look at the story of David James Kimoi Moi – Gideon Moi’s son who left engineering to take a career in farming.

David James Kimoi Moi

David James Kimoi Moi is the son of Baringo Senator and KANU political party chairman, Gideon Moi. Coming from a political family that produced the second president of the republic of Kenya, Kimoi had the privilege of attending some of the best schools in the world. For his secondary school education, he attended the Harrow School in London, United Kingdom. He later joined the prestigious university of Exeter where he graduated with a first class degree in Civil engineering. After completing his studies, he returned back to Kenya to pursue his passion.

Farming Career

After coming back to the country, Kimoi decided to try his hand in the agriculture sector since it was his passion. He joined Kongoy farm as a director – a family company that is involved in large scale farming in the Rift Valley region. The family company, which has its headquarters in Nakuru County, imports up to 300 tons of potato seeds per year from the Netherlands. They then plant the seeds in the local farms before being sold after some time at a higher price.

The idea of starting the potato seeds production in the country came from the lack of the seeds and most farmers would re-use the potatoes harvested from the farm as seeds. These re-used potatoes usually lead to poor production and quality, and so the company is determined to solve the problem. During a past interview with one of the local dailies, Kimoi revealed that he has traveled across different countries in order to learn new information and improve the marketing strategies of the company.

“I went to Argentina to see how I can improve myself back at home and use the information from there to make myself competitive in the Kenyan market. I am very excited about the future of agriculture in Kenya,” Kimoi revealed after attending the 2017 LAC Africa International Business Summit.

Apart from being the director of the family company, Kimoi is the director of Agrico East Africa Company – regarded as the best potato seed production company in East Africa.

Other Interests

Apart from farming, Kimoi enjoys playing Polo alongside his father and brother Kigen Moi. In 2019, Kimoi led his team in scooping the Connaught Cup Championships. He has also mentored a few young people who have ended up being nominated to represent the country in the international polo competitions. Kimoi has won several awards and honors in the Polo competitions in Africa and across the world.