David Tett: The Ungrateful Ex-MP Nephew Who Turned Against His Foster Father, Now A Kamiti Scam Mastermind

When he was only one year old, David Tett lost his mother prompting his aunt, Betty Tett, to step in and fend for him. The latter is a former nominated MP and assistant minister who served in the Kibaki regime.

Despite Betty offering her nephew a privileged upbringing and taking him to prestigious schools, he is reported to have turned against his foster father by violently robbing him in September, 2011.

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In a chilling encounter, William Tett (Betty Tett’s husband) was tied up by a gang and robbed at gunpoint in Nairobi’s Karen estate. He reportedly lost Ksh 157k alongside other valuables. However, the police acted swiftly and killed two gangsters in a fierce exchange of fire. David was arrested and taken to court, a matter that left his aunt in regrets even as she painted him as an ungrateful person.

We brought him up, and took him when he was very young. He could have been 1 year old when his mother died. We brought him up as our own son. We gave him the best education, we gave him everything we could give in life. My own children did not go to the schools that he went,” said Betty Tett in regrets.

In 2013, David, a father of one, was charged with two counts of robbery with violence and handed a life sentence by former Chief Magistrate Kiarie Waweru. In his defense, David had argued that he had been hijacked and driven by the robbers to his parents’ house.

The accused also claimed that he had been fixed by his foster parents who had been treating him as an outcast and even christened him a ‘black sheep’. Further, David said there was a plot by the foster parents to disinherit him of his parents’ piece of land and hand the same to his cousins. However, the court ruled that there was sufficient evidence to link him to the felonious offenses.

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Last year, Tett’s life sentence was revised to a 15 year jail term by Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi.

Kamiti Fraud

David has been linked to yet another crime, this time pulling the strings of fraud from Kamiti Maximum prison. He was filmed mimicking a foreigner allegedly in Lodwar but looking for love. What amazed Kenyans is how he had perfected a fake accent as his trait to lure Kenyan women with a high affinity for Caucasians.

In a shocking investigative piece aired by Citizen TV on 17th April, 2022, it was revealed that some of the inmates at Kamiti prison are conning unsuspecting Kenyans through various methods.

They do this by sending numerous messages to random people in the pretense of being stranded or at times posing as foreigners looking for love. It is suspected that there are cartels behind this scam who sneak in mobile phones to the prisoners and bribe the wardens.

During daytime, Kamiti’s block A is transformed to a call centre, the prisoners casting wide their nets. An informer told Citizen TV that there was a time a victim of the scam lost a whooping Ksh 4 million in a non-existent car deal.

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The con game has grown beyond Kenyan borders and now targets residents from the neighbouring Horn of Africa who lose large amounts of money thanks to alluring promises of securing better lives abroad.

Fake job offers 

Sometimes, the masterminds take advantage of massive recruitment exercises posted on the dailies to extort various applicants.

For smart Kenyans, the daring con artists would also make a move that is equally witty. They will insist on meeting the victims in person. The person sent would be an ex-military man or a former police officer who would then demand a bribe to secure a job for a desperate applicant.

Wanakuja wanakutana na huyu mtu live, anakugonga na hakuna mahali utapatana naye tena,” revealed the informant.