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Dee Mwango Biography: Age, Family, Education, Career Journey, And Boyfriend 

She is arguably one of the best YouTubers in Kenya and by extension Africa. Dee Mwango, real name Diana Mwango, quickly followed in her brother’s footsteps to become one of the most bankable travel YouTubers in the country. 

So, who is Dee Mwango? Here is her story as told by WoK

Dee Mwango Early Life

Dee was born and raised in Nyabohanse, a village in Migori county. 


The YouTuber was a pupil at Nyabirongo Girls Day And Boarding Primary school located in Bugembe East. She scored 359 marks out of 500 marks in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations. 

This enabled her to join Friends School Keveye Girls High School in Vihiga county. She was a bright student and went on to score a B Plain of 65 points, one mark shy of scoring a B+.

Dee joined Moi University main campus to pursue a Bachelor of Education. 


She is in her mid twenties. 

Dee Mwango Family

The content creator is the third born in a family of four. She has an elder sister and his brother, IaM_Marwa is the second born and their brother is the last born. Both her parents are alive. 


Her interest in the world of YouTube was sparked by her elder brother and one of the most successful travel Youtubers, IAm_Marwa. Speaking to Kioko, the bubbly Dee recalled her brother asking her what she wanted to do to earn her own money.

At first, she wanted Marwa to open an Mpesa shop for her, a suggestion he declined. He suggested YouTube and went on to buy the required equipment for her. 

She has grown over the years and traveled the world thanks to her chosen path. Her first video outside Kenya was in Jinja, Uganda. She has traveled to most African countries and extended to outside the continent like the Philippines, Maldives, India,Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Her Jamaican videos are indeed memorable given the kind of big time celebrities she has interacted with. She interviewed Sizzla Kalonje and brought the best out of the island. 

She is almost hitting 400k subscribers.

Dee Mwango Biography: Age, Family, Education, Career Journey, And Boyfriend 
Dee Mwango Ex-Flame Jay Bonight Photocredit/Mpasho

Dee Mwango Boyfriend

She was dating a Filipino named Jay Bonight but the relationship went south when she discovered he was using her.

The two met on Instagram and their relationship grew to something serious.

” He introduced me to his family and after sometimes I also called my two brothers and informed them and everyone was so supportive” she shared in a long video.

Bonight did not have a social media presence and a youtube channel. According to Dee, he was “just a regular person, and that’s what I fell in love with “

Enchanted by the world of Dee, her ex-flame wanted in,

Personally I wanted him to start his own youtube channel where he could do his vlogs, but Jay wanted us to open a couples channel” Adding that “he had to quit his job and had a debt of over $1,000 (KSh 134,000) and was to clear it before he was released,” she said.

Blinded by love, she settled his debts and opened a grocery business of his parents. She was the one who was also footing their accommodation and food bills.

Her problems started when her boyfriend thought she was controlling when she recommended the kind laptop he needed to create content.

” The big mistake that made everything to fall apart was the fact that I was recommending him the type of laptop to buy and he did not want that and that’s the problem.” Adding,

 That’s when he stopped talking to me, ignoring my messages and calls for weeks and he would make videos on the couples channels and claim on how he loves me.”

She had to quit the relationship because it wasn’t working.