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Director Trevor: Career, His Journey With Eve Mungai And Leaving Their Airbnb Business To Her

  • Director Trevor rebranded Eve Mungai YouTube channel to Kenya Online Media
  • He dated his now ex-girlfriend for four years before they went separate ways

The brand Eve Mungai grew to become arguably the biggest online show in the country. From hosting celebrities to posting timely updates, the channel grew very fast. 

At the center of this success is Director Trevor whose vision saw Eve Mungai channel grow into a household name. 

While he scarcely appeared on the screen, he worked tirelessly behind the scenes while his ex-girlfriend impressed Kenyans with her enchanting persona and incredible interviewing skills.   

Speaking on Iko Nini Podcast, he detailed his journey to the top and the break up that became the talk of the internet. 

Here is his story as told by WoK

Background and Education 

He was born in Kisii in a family of five. Trevor has an identical twin who isn’t fond of the limelight. His mother was a teacher and his father an engineer. 

The creative was a student at Homa Bay Boys before joining Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology to pursue a Mass Communication Degree. He dropped out of university when his YouTube channel grew.

Building a Successful Channel 

He moved to Nairobi where he went on to look for jobs. His mother helped him purchase a camera and he began doing photography. 

Trevor worked with a media station and photographed celebrities. He was Kartelo’s photographer when he was trending in Kenya. During this time, he started a YouTube channel. 

In one of his assignments, he took photos for his employer but also took his personal shots. After uploading them on YouTube, they blew up considering the channel was new. 

When the employer saw this, he was annoyed that he would do this when he had been sent on an official assignment. The boss thought he had his own agenda and refused to pay him. 

In a bid to convince him otherwise, he lied that the channel belonged to his girlfriend, prompting him to change its name to Eve Mungai. He was still denied payment and forced to sell his camera to meet that month’s rent.

He then began training Eve so they could begin doing interviews on the channel. The goal was to make enough money to pay rent. Within no time, the channel blew up and they reached 100k subscribers within a short time. 

Their first check from the platform was Ksh200,000. They went on to build a strong community and would make millions from the platform. Eve Mungai became the go to channel for news among many Kenyans until the announcement of their break up this year. 

Following the end of their relationship, he had to begin rebranding and, hence, changed the channel to Kenya Online Media. He said he has big channels for the channel and hopes people won’t unsubscribe. They can support both of them in their separate endeavors. 

The relationship and break up 

Director Trevor and Eve had dated for close to four years. He said their break up was caused by nothing special other than they fell out. They even decided to give each other space but it still didn’t work out. 

He denied the reports that he took the channel and left Eve high and dry. He told Iko Nini that he left Instagram and an Airbnb business they had started together. 

He added that he only took over the YouTube because they had 8 employees and he was not sure Eve was interested. 

The former JKUAT student also rubbished the rumors that he was physically abusive towards Eve. He added that it was Eve who once hit him with a cooking stick because he used her phone charger.