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Dr Mbuvi: Why I Quit My Banking And lecturing jobs For Music

Gospel singer Dr. Victor Mbuvi has emerged as a prominent figure in the Kenyan music industry.

However, his journey to musical stardom was far from conventional, marked by passion and a deep sense of purpose.

Dr. Mbuvi’s musical odyssey began in childhood when he sensed an inexplicable connection to music.

Although he struggled initially to mimic his classmates’ tunes, he couldn’t shake the feeling that music was etched into his heart.

He vividly recalls those early school days, where his attempts at singing often ended in laughter from his peers.

Despite the teasing, his mother remained his source of support and inspiration.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Dr. Mbuvi reminisced about his formative years.

“We used to go to Salvation Army and sing in the choir, but I still did not see it happening for me,” he explained.

Yet, his mother’s belief in his musical talent never wavered, and she consistently encouraged him to pursue a career in the industry.

Tragedy struck in 1999 when Dr. Mbuvi’s mother passed away. This profound loss compelled him to honor her memory by embracing a career in music, just as she had envisioned.

He approached his pastor, seeking guidance and a platform to share his musical aspirations.

“I said Amen. But in my heart, I was like ‘Yeah right!’,” Dr. Mbuvi recalled.

He joined a music group, and from that point forward, his musical journey has been a remarkable trajectory of success and fulfillment.

The transition from a budding banker to a celebrated gospel artist was not without its challenges.

Dr. Mbuvi had excelled in the banking industry, even becoming a lecturer with impressive academic achievements.

However, he felt an undeniable calling towards music, a calling that he believed would allow him to touch lives in a profound way.

“Music changes and transforms lives,” he emphasized.

Unlike banking and lecturing, which may impact intellectuals, music possesses the unique ability to resonate with the hearts and souls of people from all walks of life.

As he pursued his newfound passion for music, Dr. Mbuvi encountered mixed reactions from those closest to him.

His father, initially hesitant about the idea of a music career, had reservations rooted in the generational stigma associated with musicians.

Nevertheless, Dr. Mbuvi’s commitment to his dreams gradually won his father over.

He proudly displayed newspaper articles that featured his son’s musical achievements, sharing the news with their community.