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TV47: Prof. Simon Gicharu’s Journey To Founding TV Station And Now Radio47

In the ever-evolving landscape of Kenyan media, one station has emerged as a dynamic force to be reckoned with. TV47, owned by Cape Media Limited, has quickly established itself as a prominent player in the television industry since its launch in 2019.

One remarkable aspect of TV47 is its dedication to embracing the Swahili language.

With a captivating blend of news, entertainment, and entrepreneurship, TV47 has captivated audiences across the nation. The station’s official slogan, “The Home Of Untold Stories”, epitomizes its commitment to delivering informative and engaging content to viewers.

In this article, WoK delve into the fascinating journey of TV47, its ownership, vibrant presenters, and the exciting programs that have made it a household name.

A Brief History and Expansion

TV47 was the brainchild of renowned entrepreneur Prof. Simon Gicharu, the founder of Mount Kenya University. With a vision to make a mark in Kenya’s media business, Prof Gicharu launched TV47 along with Beats 47 radio, following his successful venture in Rwanda’s broadcasting industry.

From Kigali to Nairobi

TV47’s journey began in 2014 in Kigali, Rwanda, under the name Lemigo TV. After rebranding as Royal TV, it found its new home in Kenya under the ownership of Cape Media Ltd.

The station’s name, TV47, signifies its commitment to covering news and stories from all 47 devolved units that make up the Kenyan government. With a strong focus on education and news gathering, the station has quickly made a mark and intent of becoming a major player in the highly competitive market.

Headquartered in Nairobi’s Parklands area, TV47 operates from its main studios and corporate offices. To expand its reach and better serve its audience, TV47 has also established studios in Mombasa, equipped with modern equipment and staffed by talented individuals.

Radio 47

Photo: Courtesy The Scoop

The inclusion of Radio47 further strengthens its reach with the predominantly Kiswahili broadcasts. The radio station covery major towns in Kenya, including Nairobi, Webuye, Kisumu, Kericho, Mumias, Mombasa, Lamu, and Garsen, among others. With a focus on adapting to the ever-changing media landscape, the station remains at the forefront of delivering relevant and impactful content.

TV 47’s Dynamic Presenters

TV47 entertains and informs listeners with a wide range of programs hosted by a talented team of presenters. This impressive lineup of presenters adds a youthful and dynamic flair to its programming.

Their diverse backgrounds and personalities resonate with a wide range of viewers, cementing the media house status as a station for the people.

Most of these presenters were poached from popular Kenyan stations such as Switch TV, KTN, and Radio Maisha. Here are a few of the personalities you can expect to engage with on your screens:

Frederick Muitiriri

Known for his engaging style, Frederick brings a youthful energy to the airwaves, connecting with listeners of all ages. He additionally drives in his fans from his time at Switch TV, before the Red Cross owned station closed down.

Elizabeth Mutuku

An experienced broadcaster, Elizabeth brings her warm and charismatic personality to the radio, creating a welcoming environment for listeners.

Sharon Baranga

Known for her vibrant energy and infectious laughter, Sharon adds a touch of joy to the airwaves, making her show a delightful experience.

Beatrice Maganga

Beatrice is a famous voice after years of hosting popular shows on Radio Maisha as a news anchor.

Linda Alela

Linda Alela is a seasoned journalist, host, editor, news anchor and reporter who’s one of the few that interviewed President William Ruto in January 2023. She was formerly on Ebru TV, GBS TV Africa, Youth TV Kenya, and Punchline Africa TV.

Ali Hassan Kauleni

Just like Beatrice Maganaga, Ali Hassan departed from Radio Maisha to join TV47 as the sports editor and commentator.

TV 47’s Exciting Programs and Impactful Content

Photo: Courtesy TV47

TV47 offers a diverse range of programs designed to entertain, inform, and inspire its listeners across the 47 counties in the country. Here are some of the notable shows you can tune in to:

News and Current Affairs

Stay up to date with TV47’s news segments, including TV47 Newsnight, Morning Cafe, bringing back the famous Jicho Pevu, Upeo Wa TV47, and Matokeo Mtambuko, which provide comprehensive coverage of local and international news.

Entertainment Shows

From the popular Churchill Show, which showcases Kenya’s comedic talent, to Bomba La Sanaa, a show dedicated to celebrating the arts, Radio47 offers a vibrant lineup of entertainment programs. Soap opera lovers also have a variety of shows to tune in on including ‘So Much Love’, ‘Destiny’ and the adults-only ‘Garden of Eden’ which are very popular among viewers.

Lifestyle and Education

Shows like Kilimo Diaries and Tech47 cater to the interests of farmers and technology enthusiasts, providing valuable insights and tips.

Inspirational Programs

Tune in to shows like Destiny and So Much Love for uplifting stories and messages of hope that resonate with listeners.

TV47’s Broadcasting Platforms

In this era where media houses face numerous challenges, the station innovative approach and investment in modern technology position it for continued success. TV47’s broadcasting prowess extends beyond traditional television. The station is available on multiple platforms, including DStv Bamba, Signet, and Star Times, ensuring widespread access for its viewers.

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