Drae Frank: Meet The Kenyan Youth Minting A Fortune From Selling Wajackoya T-Shirts

Drae Frank is the founder of Perma Prints, a graphics company specialising in the printing of t-shirts, business cards, and branding of cars, among others. The young entrepreneur started the company with the help of friends and has since steered it to profitability.

Recently, he has been the beneficiary of a fast-spreading political wave in the country.

As Kenya draws closer to the August 9, 2022, General Elections, the country has warmed up to the political environment and members of the public continue to align with various parties and leaders. Deputy President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga are considered the favourites, however, one man is stealing the show, Roots Party Presidential candidate Professor George Wajackoya.

Drae Frank: Kenyan Youth Minting a Fortune From Selling Wajackoya T-Shirts
Drae Frank. |Courtesy| Drae Frank|

Wajackoya has become the talk of the town thanks to his radical progressive ideas. The presidential hopeful has promised Kenyans that he will legalise the growing of Marijuana to offset Kenya’s debt to China.

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His many ideas have endeared him to many, making him a fan favourite. His rise to fame has created a buzz in the country leading to the emergence of a demand for Wajackoya merchandise.

One notable beneficiary of the emergence of this new market is Frank and his company Perma Prints. The company is located in downtown Nairobi. During an interview with Citizen TV, the entrepreneur revealed that he has sold t-shirts with Wajackoya’s print to various parts of the country including frontier counties.

Frank started printing the WaJAHckoya t-shirts on Friday, June 11, 2022, and the idea blew up. It went viral on Twitter.

“A friend of mine came to me and told me to do it. I did two t-shirts, we posted them on Twitter and it blew up. Orders started coming in and it’s what we have been doing since Friday,” Frank said while showing that he was wearing one of the pioneer WaJAHckoya T-shirts.

For customers residing away from Nairobi, Frank revealed that they have parcelled quite a number to various parts of the country. During the interview, he revealed that he had already parcelled 10 to various parts of the country that morning alone.

The young entrepreneur noted that he is yet to meet Wajackoya to discuss the idea. He, however, hopes that the Roots Party Leader sees the t-shirts and maybe meet him for a conversation, or give him a job.

Drae Frank: Kenyan Youth Minting a Fortune From Selling Wajackoya T-Shirts
A WaJAHckoya T-Shirt. |Courtesy| Drae Frank|

As to why he has not printed DP Ruto or Odinga t-shirts, he noted that Wajackoya currently relates more to people and thus his merchandise has been in demand. He also wished to do t-shirts for the other candidates as well.

Frank, though conceded that Wajackoya’s promise to legalise marijuana appeals to him the most, he added that the presidential aspirant also has other ideas that will uplift the lives of Kenyans.

“His manifesto relates more to us as Kenyans, and especially we as the youth. If you look at the economy right now, it is so bad. Whatever he says he will do, and if elected, does it, I believe we will be uplifted as Kenyan,” he said.

Frank also noted that the majority of his clients so far have been ladies, adding that men have also bought several.

He noted that Wajackoya is very popular at the moment and carries a lot of clout. He added that currently, one cannot walk a few metres before hearing a mention of the name Wajackoya. He is everywhere on social media trends.

“If you are a smart businessman you jump on it,” Frank stated.

Perma Prints is two years old. The company does anything brand, print and design. This includes t-shirts, business cards, and the branding of cars.

Drae Frank: Kenyan Youth Minting a Fortune From Selling Wajackoya T-Shirts
A WaJAHckoya T-Shirt. |Courtesy| Drae Frank|

Frank advises youths interested in venturing into the field to be passionate about it. He noted that he did go to school to study it, he only had a brief training and went on to perfect the art himself.

“Every business is a risk, but personally, I ventured into it because of passion. I love design, I love it when I do something on a comp and see it on billboards,” he said.

He sells the t-shirts for Ksh1,000. For customers within Nairobi Central Business District (CBD), the delivery is free. Delivery charges apply to persons outside Nairobi.

The parcel charges for various parts of the country vary, depending on where they are, but prices do not exceed Ksh500.

He wished Professor Wajackoya all the best in his presidential bid, hoping that he succeeds President Uhuru Kenyatta on August 9, 2022.