Edgar Obare Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Education, Scandals And YouTube Channel

By Staff Writer

Gossip vlogger Edgar Obare has balls of steel if his exposés are anything to go by. He has made a name for himself for outing cheating spouses and in the process gained a sizeable following-especially women-on his social media platforms and YouTube channel. The ‘tea master’ new expose on the ‘wash wash’ dirty dealings in the country roping in celebrities is bold with some social media users feeling like he is punching above his weight.  

So who is this Edgar Obare causing celebrities sleepless nights? Here is what this writer was able to gather about the vlogger.


The gossip vlogger is 27 years old. 


Obare was a student at Moi High School Kabarak. He joined United States International University Africa (USIU) in 2011 for a Bachelor of Science in Information System and Technology (B.Sc IT) and graduated in 2014. The controversial YouTuber was not all books. While at USIU, he contested for Mr and Mrs USIU beauty pageant. His thirst for education did not end there. In 2016 he joined Freie Universitat Bozen in Italy where he graduated in 2019 with a Master Degree in Computer Science. 

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Obare was romantically involved with a lady known as Wacera. They reportedly broke up in 2018. This kind of slowed rumours that he is a closet gay. He has remained single since then. 

Wash Wash allegations

Edgar Obare has made damning revelations that have threatened relationships with his often foolproof sources. When he touched the prevalent ‘wash wash’ (money laundering) dealings in the country, it got Kenyans talking. Jalang’o, who was mentioned, rubbished the reports saying he has never stollen from anyone.

According to a girlfriend of the late Kevin Omwenga, the big names allegedly involved in the dirty business are in political offices (or aspiring) and in entertainment.


The vlogger has rubbed a number of celebrities the wrong way in his videos that are gaining a lot of popularity. Late last year, Obare claimed that Jalang’o wanted him dead. The comedian rubbished the claims saying he had no time for the YouTuber who was only keen to tarnish his name. He shared this on Instagram:

There are people out here trying so hard, day and night to bring me down but it will take them a hell lot of work because I’m not the kind who gives up in my grind” 

I will not even bother asking or following who you talks to bloggers and lie to them about me, malice Pure malice. For you Edgar you don’t have to run or delete anything. I have a lot on my plate to even bother with you and if you are honest about being threatened you don’t post, you report

The Milele FM presenter went on to add:

“Today has been really funny and i have been laughing the whole time with people’s DM telling me if anything happens to Obare its me. Boss it has taken us years to be where are today and i don’t think i can want to loose it because of you. Wake up and work!!” 

He admitted when he appeared on Switch TV that he has settled several issues out of court but is yet to be slapped with any lawsuits. 

The recent whatsapp leaks of Jalango and his boys glorifying their escapades by the vlogger touched a raw nerve. The comedian accused Obare of breaking marriages. Part of the message read:

“I assure you that if I was a bad person, this would not have ended well. We will not sue or try to follow up on anything and we will just let this pass. You’ve broken families, we have lost businesses and top clients have pulled out on us. We thank clients and friends who have stood by us by seeking to know the truth first.

But the vlogger has defended his action saying: I am, not responsible for breaking any family, I just expose what these men and women do in darkness and require them to do better by their families. 

Subjects He Wont Touch

In an interview with Tuko, the vlogger categorically stated that videos involving minors and the harshly judged and discriminated LGBT are a no go zone.

YouTube Channel 

His channel was initially on travel. He started his Bandana News Network (BNN) YouTube channel while recovering from a ski accident. He told the Daily Nation how he started out:

I started by documenting my adventures on Instagram and that gained a lot of traction with my followers, but Instagram had that 15 second limit on stories so I took my art to YouTube and things were never the same! But it got heated up when I posted the story on Natalie Tewa.

Currently, Obare has more than 120,000 subscribers. 

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Instagram account

Edgar Obare Instargram account has been deactivated meaning his 440,000 followers will not be enjoying his tea anytime soon. This comes shortly after his ‘wash wash’ expose.