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Eric Kipkurui Mutai: List Of Sh257 million Worth Of Property Owned By Prison Cleaner

News of prison cleaner Eric Kipkurui Mutai owning property worth shs257 million has left Kenyans bewildered given that his salary is only Sh20,800. According to court documents filed by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), Mr Mutai is employed at the State Department of Corrections as a cleaning supervisor. 

The Kenya Prisons department employee assets have been frozen after the EACC obtained orders from the court to have the suspect property including land and vehicles valued at Ksh.57 million and Ksh30.5 million respectively preserved pending the conclusion of investigations. 

Supplied food and ration

According to investigations by EACC, Mr Mutai fraudulently obtained the S13 forms used in procurement by the Department of Corrections which formed the basis of payments made, as they were attached to the payment vouchers.

The suspect claimed to have supplied food and ration to seven prison facilities in Nairobi through his companies something he had not done.  Payment was wired to his bank accounts opened in 2016 and 2017. He later withdrew the money and purchased the said properties.

Companies owned by Mr Mutai

The suspect owns seven companies namely: 

Facton Logistics Enterprises

Nerimas General Agencies

Trechis Services Limited

White Unicorn Logistics

Unique Suppliers

Homex Logistics Enterprises 

Hygienic Ventures

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Companies registration

According to EACC, the companies were registered in the names of third parties to conceal the dealings of Mr Mutai. The seven companies were incorporated and registered between 2012 and 2016 with the bank accounts being opened in 2016 and 2016. 

“The seven enterprises were the conduits for embezzlement/fraudulent acquisition of Sh257 million from the State Department,” EACC stated

Non existent contracts 

EACC was able to establish that the money received was “embezzled through fictitious contracts for supply of food and rations to the State Department of Corrections, which goods were never supplied”

Property acquired fraudulently


Seven cars whose registration number is as follows: KCH 360G, KCL 050T, KCH 593S, KCL 125R, KCN 475L, KCN 417B, KCL 778P. 

The cars are valued at ksh30 million. 


Three parcels of land in  Nairobi, Kisii and Kericho all valued at ksh57 million.


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