Kenyan Celebrities Who Have Questioned Paternity Of Their Children, Demanded DNA

By Liz Ireri

The number of celebrities attempting to establish the paternity of their children has been on the increase, and all tests conducted thus far have validated their baby mamas’ assertions. Sad enough, these sad state of affairs plays out on social media platforms and as we have come to know-like the proverbial elephant, the internet never forgets. The damage it will do to the affected children will damage them at some point in their lives. 

WoK has compiled a list of Kenyan celebrities who have demanded DNA testing after questioning the paternity of their ‘children’. 


Funnyman Mulamwah made damaging claims that Keilah was not his biological daughter. He went on to detail how his ex-girlfriend Carol Sonnie had cheated on him with a man identified as Kevo who hailed from Gitaru, Kikuyu constituency. 

According to Mulamwah, it was during these cheating escapades that Sonnie became pregnant with the man for the first time, but she later aborted the child.

One of his tweets read “Keilah is not my child.”

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Eric Omondi 

The self proclaimed president of comedy, sparked outrage on social media when he questioned his son’s paternity, just a day after his baby mama, Jackie Maribe, exposed him as a deadbeat dad.

Eric claims he had a one night stand and he used protection and efforts to get a DNA were met with resistance.

Little is known whether he offers child support and maintenance to Jackie Maribe’s son.

Kabi wa Jesus

When it first came to the limelight that Kabi wa Jesus, real name  Peter Kabi, had an 8 year old daughter Abby, with his cousin Jasmine, he was quick to deny.

As a matter of fact, Kabi with his wife Milly Wa Jesus, whose real name is Millicent Ng’ang’a created a video dubbed ‘Who is Abbey’ where they played the victim.

Kabi, who had been accused of being a deadbeat father, was eventually compelled to undergo a DNA test that confirmed that he was indeed Abby’s father. With nowhere to hide, he did the sane thing and took full responsibility for his actions while apologizing and promising to take care of the girl he had neglected for years.

Professor Hamo

Herman Kago, popularly known as Professor Hamo, will never want the events of 2021 to repeat themselves after his public fallout with fellow comedian Jemutai. He had demanded a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of the two children he sired with Jemutai and has the back and forth played on social media, he was fired Hot 96. 

Hamo is said to be the one who requested the paternity tests following Jemutai’s expose that he had stopped supporting the two children. Jemutai claimed the comedian stopped providing for their kids. Hamo denied the allegations saying he has always been responsible to all of his kids only to ask for a paternity test to ascertain if the two children were actually his.

The matter was put to rest and the two are now back together. 

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In December 2018, gospel singer turned secular Kevin Bahati whose real name is Kelvin Kioko confessed to having taken a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of his child Mueni Bahati.

Bahati sired the child with ex-girlfriend Yvette Obura. Bahati made the confession after reports emerged weeks after his wife Diana welcomed their first child named Heaven claiming he had secretly carried out a DNA test on the baby without his wife’s knowledge.

Obura had earlier on blasted Bahati for dumping her when she was pregnant with the baby claiming that the singer had initially denied he was responsible for the pregnancy.