June Tuto: A Glimpse At David Murathe’s Daughter Successful Businesses In The US

Children of Kenyan politicians are known to live exciting lives and have the privilege  of attending the best institutions in the world. One such privileged child is Jubilee Party vice chairman David Murage’s daughter June Tuto. Ms Tuto runs a successful fashion line in the United States of America (USA) where she resides. 

Here is her story as told by WoK.

June Tuto

June Tuto is the second born in a family of three – her sister Waturi Wakairu Wamboye and Brother Davidson Gatuhi Wakairu. June was born and raised in Kenya where she attended her primary and secondary education. S

he later moved to Marbella International University Center (MIUC) in Spain where she was involved in student leadership and at one point served as the President of the Student board.

She later joined the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where she recently graduated. After clearing her university education, she decided to establish her own fashion line business.

Establishing a Fashion Line

After she was done with her studies, June decided not to return to Kenya but instead set up a business in the city. She established a clothing brand known as Tuto by June, which primarily makes the trending fashion designs for both male and female.

Within a short period of time, the fashion brand has grown to become successful attracting clients from all over the world. She has a branch of the fashion line in Stockholm where she has partnered with Kenko design and FC Design based in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Her brand image is known as Street Glam which she says was informed by watching her mother dress up when growing up as a child. She would later use fashion as a form of expression in different stages of her life hence developing the passion for the business.

Marketing Strategy and Achievements

According to the fashion line website, the company uses a unique marketing strategy whereby she releases new limited styles of her clothing brand only once a year, in the month of June which is her birthday month.

Focusing on ethical and sustainable approaches in fashion production, the brand launches a new collection only once a year in the month of June which is available all year round for pre-order, including a limited-edition accessory drop in Autumn and Spring,” reads a section of the fashion line description in their website.

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Through the fashion line, June has been able to showcase her brands at some of the world’s iconic stages such as the Netherlands Fashion week, Fashion Exhibitions in Venice Beach California and Melrose in Los Angeles.

Other Interests

Apart from her business, June is obsessed with traveling and she doesn’t shy away from documenting her lifestyle on social media platforms. She has visited Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Portugal among many others.

She runs a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) back in Kenya known as Vijana Amkeni which seeks to mobilize the youth towards social causes. She has also authored one e-book titled ‘You deserve to be dressed’ which is all about matters of fashion design.