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Estimated Amount Of Money Raila Odinga Was Paid To Appear On Huduma Namba Billboard Ad

ODM leader Raila Odinga has come under stinking criticism after he appeared on Huduma Namba billboard ads urging Kenyans to register for the biometric listing. The former premier has rubbished in the past naysayers, saying the National Identification Management System (NIIMS) will make work easier.

He said of NIIMS:

“Kwa wale wanapinga, mimi nauliza wanapinga nini? Huduma Namba imeletwa kutusaidia ndio maana mimi mwenyewe nimejitokeza,” (To those opposing, what are you against? Huduma Namba was conceived to help us and that’s why am supporting it.”)

The deputy president William Ruto, until recently, had given the Huduma Namba and the politics surrounding it a wide berth. A section of churches linked the NIIMS with 666, a sign associated with Satanism and end times.

On his part, economist David Ndii said NIIMS is designed to enrich the First family. His bare knuckle article exposed a well thought out plan by the government to launch a credit facility for SMEs named Wezesha under the Commercial Ban of Africa (CBA). The bank, owned by the Kenyatta’s, will work with other banks to lend loans to SMEs of between kes50,000 and kes100,000 to be repaid in 12 months.

Estimated Amount Of Money Raila Odinga Was Paid To Appear On Huduma Namba Billboard Ad
Huduma Namba: Raila Registering

David Ndii article read in part:

“Wezesha is simply a scheme to fleece the public. In today’s financial lingo, the Scheme is fully “de-risked.” This is par for the course in “public-private partnership” (PPP) ventures, where the profits are privatized, but the losses are socialized (i.e. borne by the public),”

“Plunder of the budget ends once the thieves leave office. Wholesale enclosure of large chunks of the economy will keep the dynasty in the black long after he has left office. Welcome to the Kenyatta Republic Inc….”

How Much Was Raila Paid To Appear On The Billboard?
Raila Odinga is a big name in the politics of Kenya and Africa by extension. According to this writers rough estimate, Raila Odinga pocketed atleast kes100 million.