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Salaries Of Braeburn School Teachers And Fee Structure 2019/2020

Teaching in an international school guarantees you a handsome pay and good working conditions unlike being employed by the government. Teachers long working hours in public schools don’t correspondent to their pay. Numerous industrial strikes have hit successive governments as teachers agitate for better pay and this is not about to end anytime soon. This is not the case with international schools that charge a foot and leg in school fees. Braeburn School, which forms the backbone of this article, is known to enumerate teachers and its supporting staff serious money.

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For starters, Braeburn Schools offer the National Curriculum of England and Wales. Students in the institution are prepared for IGCSEs, A-Levels, IBDP and IBCP & BTEC Level 3 Diploma.

Qualification to work in Braeburn
Those willing to take teaching jobs in this prestigious institution must have the pre-requisite qualifications.
Candidates who have previously worked in an international have an added advantage.

To be considered for employment, candidates are required to produce International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC) if they are from England and Wales.

Local teachers have to produce a certificate of good conduct from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

Braeburn teacher salary
According to paysa.com, the average salary for a teacher starting in an international school like Braeburn is $29,404 (kes2,940,400) which translates to about kes240,000 per month. Average salary, where most teachers fall, is estimated at US$46,083 (Kes4,608,300) or kes384,000 per month.

According to the same website, the highest paid teachers takes home US$76,516 (Kes7,651,600) or kes637,600 per month.

Here below is the fee structure of Braeburn

Year Group Annual Tuition Fee (KSh) Deposit (KSh)
FS1 (Nursery) – mornings only 618,900 50,000
FS1 (Nursery) – afternoon care 70,200 0
FS2 (Reception) 688,800 50,000
Year 1 to 6 1,419,300 50,000
Year 7 to 9 1,491,600 50,000
Year 10 1,590,600 50,000
Year 11 (IGCSE) 1,590,600 50,000
Year 12 & 13 (AS/A2/BTEC) 1,702,200 50,000


Year Group Annual Lunch Fee (KSh)
Year 1 & 2 85,800
Year 3 to 6 89,100
FS2 (Reception) 85,200
Year 7 & 8 96,000
FS1 (Nursery) – mornings only 81,600
Year 11 to 13 97,200
Year 9 & 10 97,200


Year Group Transport Type Annual Transport Fee (KSh)
FS1 (Nursery) to Year 10 Regular transport 155,400
FS1 (Nursery) to Year 10 Door-to-door transport 275,700
Year 11 to 13 Regular transport 155,400
Year 11 to 13 Door-to-door transport 275,700

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