Faith Kagendo: How Nakuru Businesswoman Founded Successful Media Company With Ksh20,000

Faith Kagendo: How Nakuru Businesswoman Founded Successful Media Company With Ksh20,000
Ms Faith Kagendo, the founder and CEO of FaidaNet Technology Company in Nakuru Town shows some of the products her company makes such as success cards and customized calendars in her office at Pinkam House on March 19, 2021. FRANCIS MUREITHI | NATION

Faith Kagendo is the founder and owner of FaidaNet Technology, a startup leveraging on videography, photography, branding and design located in Nakuru’s Central Business District.

The 40-year-old began her entrepreneurial journey, little did she know that it would succeed as it did. The company also produces wedding cards, business cards, success cards, school ID cards and branding t-shirts.

“The kind of business I do is dominated by men, I would want FaidaNet Technology to be a benchmark that other female entrepreneurs can use to learn and launch their businesses,” Kagendo explained.

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She noted that to succeed in her line of work needed passion, a clear vision, and truly understanding and knowing her market.

Before establishing FaidaNet Technology, Kagendo worked in a Nakuru-based studio for six years, sharpening her skills in photography, designing and video editing skills.

She would later leave and borrowed Ksh20,000 from her chama which she used to start her business. She had also acquired a second-hand computer for Ksh16,000 which she used to start the video and photography work.

As the business grew, Faith borrowed Ksh30,000 from the Youth Enterprise Fund and an additional Ksh50,000 from the Women Enterprise Fund which she used for expansion.

FaidaNet Technology, which is located at Pinkam House in Nakuru town, his described by many as one of the best for video shooting, photography, designing and branding, and has since added stationery to the list. Faith has one permanent employee and five others on casual terms.

Kagendo is focused on investing in modern machines such as printers, cameras and computers. She believes that the package she offers for weddings is a competitive one, given that she charges between Ksh20,000 – Ksh50,000 for video shooting and photography.

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Faith attributes the longevity of her business to networking and delivering quality work.

“Customer satisfaction has been the selling point for my business,” she said.

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