Flaqo Made KSh 20 Million From Endorsement In 2021

Content creator Flaqo Raz has disclosed the amount pf money he made during the COVID-19 pandemic when Kenyans consumed a lot of online content.

In an interview with Plug TV, the comedian said at the time, he was at his peak and made at least KSh 20 million during the period.

Flaqo said he made most money from endorsement deals and adverts that came his way.

“I think it could be around KSh 20 million. Ihave not been making those calculations but there’s a way to check the records. I think it’s approximately KSh 20 million. That is during that COVID-19 time,” the comic said.

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However, according to Flaqo, the money came with its own challenges that derailed him and affected his artistic ability.

“However, it derailed me because people have different goals and if you are a creative whose sole intention is to make money out of comedy then go for it”

“That is not why I started in the first place. I was making so much money that Breeder sang God please give me money like Flaqo,” he said.

Adding; “It hit me because that is not why I was doing art and the more the money the less you enjoy it because you try to fit it into your art and what it most likely does is that it takes away the artistic value and humour.”

Flaqo also explained that he took a one year break from content creation order to keep his mental health in check.

“It is important to take a break. I took a whole year break just coz I needed to fix my mind. I didn’t share with people but comedy can mess up with your mind and creatives understand that. It is very important to refresh during that break”

“Social media is crazy and at some point, comedians want to remain strong for their fans. You have to give quality and so if you lose track, you end up being trolled. A break is important. Creatives can run mad if we are not careful,” he added.