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HomebusinessFrancis Muriuri: Accountant Making Upto Ksh180,000 Per Month From Chicken Farming 

Francis Muriuri: Accountant Making Upto Ksh180,000 Per Month From Chicken Farming 

Known to many as Francis wa Kuku, Muriuri is a man who has beat the odds to become a successful businessman and accountant.

While many people born with disabilities in the country are often pitied and some left to beg on the streets-his is a story of courage, determination and hard work.

He believes that everything happens for a reason and his story has been featured on Royal Media Services and LNN network.

Here is his story as told by WoK.

Early Life 

Hailing from Gatanga, Francis Muiruri was born with a disability caused by polio. Upon seeing this, his father abandoned the family when he was just a week old leaving his mother to raise him.

Getting to a special school was not easy as the family had to fundraise. When he reached Standard six, he could not go on with the special school because they had no money. 

Things were so dire that at one point while carrying him on her back, his mother wished they could both drown and end their misery. 

He encouraged her and told her everything happened for a reason. Later, he taught himself how to walk with tree branches then crutches. He expressed his wish to join school and the mother went and talked to a head teacher of a school in the village. 

The headteacher was hesitant as he felt since he was abled differently it would be hard for him to compete favorably with the rest. However, he expressed his wish to join and convinced the headteacher to give him a chance. 

After primary school, he stayed home for more than a year before they got finances for him to join high school. He failed the first time he sat for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education but returned to school and managed to score a C- minus. 

Tertiary Education and Moving Ahead 

Having no money for college, he did odd jobs while taking care of the family’s few animals. Later, he met a well-wisher who paid for his accounting course in Thika. 

While at the institution, he participated in a race organized by the Standard Chartered Bank and got recognition after he won and his photo was put in the newspaper. 

The Kiambu governor asked to see him and asked what he wanted. He requested that if there be a chance, he wanted employment. 

A year later, he was called for an interview and emerged position one. This was how he found himself working as an accountant for the Kiambu county government. 

He was able to take a loan and build his mother a house and also got property for himself. At the time, he also had a shop where his wife worked and a number of animals including pigs and hens. 


Unfortunately, his mother got diagnosed with cancer and the disease ended up eating into his finances. He took out another loan and visited several hospitals trying to get her a cure. 

Days before she passed away, she called him and they had a chat. At the time, he only had 50 remaining hens which his mother advised him to respect. She died leaving him and his sister behind. 

Soaring Again 

While he was left with huge debts, he continued to work hard and began seriously taking care of the chickens. On one occasion, while he was sweeping the hen cooü, his son took a video. He posted it online and Royal Media Services reached out wanting to cover his story. 

Following this exposure, he started getting inquiries from people who wanted him to rear hens and then deliver them once they reached a certain age. 

His first clients were impressed and posted his work online, further growing his clientele base. Today, apart from his local clients he gets inquiries from Kenyans in the diaspora. 

He rears his poultry on his small plot and has about 1000 chickens. He hopes to expand the venture even more. Apart from being an accountant and rearing chicken, he sells cages, teaches people on the strategic way to rear chicken in order to make profits and is an ambassador for Farmers Choice. 

From this side-business, he makes up to Ksh180,000 per month. 

Personal Life

The father of one is married to Mary whom he met while in college. He loved her simplicity and the fact that she was not ashamed of his disability. 

She has also been there for him even through difficult financial situations. His advice is that women should not look down on those abled differently as they too are capable husbands. The couple is blessed with one son.

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