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Kenyan Prince: The 21 Year Old From Keroka Making Upto Ksh30,000 Per Day

  • Kenyan Prince is known to flaunt wads of Ksh1,000 notes.
  • His source of wealth has always been questionable. He has been accused in the past of being a con

Kenya has undoubtedly witnessed its fair share of clout chasers. 

Recently, one Kenyan Prince sent Kenyans on social media into a frenzy after posting a TikTok clip showing him counting bundles of what he claimed was Ksh6 million. 

This is what six million Kenya shillings look like and it is real, I have withdrawn and KRA you are welcome I pay you” he said, mocking the taxman. 

As if that was not enough, he later resurfaced again to post four iPhones, even showing his Apple ID to prove they were his. 

He said the wealth he was flaunting was from Forex trading. 

But who exactly is Kenyan Prince? 

This is his journey as told by WoK

Early Life

Kenyan Prince, a.k.a Kenya’s youngest sponsor, hails from Keroka in Kisii County. His real name is Raymond Omosa. He is currently 21 years old. 

Speaking in an interview with Obinna, Omosa said he was born, raised, and educated in Kisii.

He was brought up by his grandmother since his mother passed away during his childhood. 

Luckily, his education from primary to high school was sponsored by a local bank. 

Street kid

Omosa said he relocated to Nairobi in 2020 after high school to escape the tough situation at home and look for greener pastures. 

On arriving in the city, he became a street kid, begging for a living. 

“I used to sleep on bank corridors. In the daytime, I would approach people with big cars and beg for money.

I used to carry a copy of my high school results and say I was looking for someone to support my university education. People would pity me and give me something,” said Omosa.  

One day, he encountered a generous benefactor around parliament buildings who gave him Ksh40 000 to start his life. 

The benefactor told him that he seemed a sharp guy who could do something with his life if given the opportunity. 

Omosa used the money to rent a Ksh9800 bedsitter and purchase a Ksh26 000 phone. 

“I didn’t buy food or furniture. I used to sleep on the floor. I prioritized a phone because I knew that with it, I could make money online,” he said. 

Online Scams

With the new phone, Omosa became a gambler, placing online bets. 

One day, he was conned Ksh3, 500 while purchasing ‘sure betting odds’. 

From the experience, he realized that if someone could convince him to part with Ksh3 500 so easily, he could do the same to others.  

He therefore established his own ‘sure betting odds’ company, scamming clueless gamblers on WhatsApp and Telegram. 

That was the business he did for six months. 

In the interview with Obinna, Omosa recounted scamming one clueless guy sh 100,000 on Telegram. 

However, for most of his victims, the money he fleeced them was just enough to cater for food and rent. 

His 40th day soon dawned and his scamming gimmicks were exposed on Telegram and other social channels. 

The golden goose was killed and he had to look for another source of cash. 

Youtube Career

After his fall from grace, Omosa moved in with his girlfriend in 2021. 

At the time, he used to watch YouTube videos and had heard tales of how lucrative the platform was. 

He therefore decided to venture into content creation. 

He teamed with his girlfriend and they opened a YouTube channel, naming themselves The Prince Family

Before their account achieved sufficient traction to be monetized, they relied on donations from their viewers. 

“We used to tell our fans our problems. They sent something small that we used to survive,” said Omosa. 

TikTok Career

In February 2022, the Omosas ditched YouTube and opened a TikTok account called The Prince Family. 

From the get-go, Tiktok became their new goldmine. Their first video went viral, achieving over 2 million views within a day. 

Within a month, they started receiving gifts from viewers, which they would convert to money.

“There is money to be made on Tiktok,” said Omosa, recounting a night they made over Ksh50,000  from a single live. 

This enabled them to upgrade to a better house in mid-2022. 

Forex Career

Around that time, Omosa had seriously committed to learning forex. 

With the proceeds from TikTok, he got a mentor from Nakuru and another from Malaysia to teach him how to trade.  

“I invested all my money in the charts, blowing account after account,” he said. 

Soon, his efforts paid off and he started making around $200 daily. 

One day, he risked his entire $600 account and made $20,000 within a single day. 

“That was my breakthrough. I withdrew the money, bought a piece of land in Nakuru, and built a house for my grandmother,” said Omosa. 

Currently, he says Forex trading is his full-time career. 

He now estimates his net worth to be above sh 30 million. 

His wealth includes four cars: A Demio, Two Audis, and a Mercedes. 

He has also constructed a Ksh 4 million, 4 bedroomed mansion and runs a car hire company. 

“I have also invested heavily in other sectors,” Kenya Prince said. 

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