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George Kimutai Ruto: President William Ruto’s Son Who Is A Pilot

George Kimutai Ruto is the youngest son of Kenya’s fifth head of state, President William Samoei Ruto. According to media reports, the young Ruto is still in college and is studying to become a pilot.

The head of state boasts a big family and has often appeared with the First Lady, Mama Rachel Ruto alongside their children in public, on several occasions. Further reports indicate that the president is among the few Kenyan Politicians who have had all their children undergo schooling locally.

George has a striking resemblance to his father. During the president’s inauguration, he was was dressed in a navy blue suit and yellow tie, pulling off a similar outfit to that his father wore during the historic event. In this article, WoK takes a look at George’s profile.

George Kimutai Ruto: President William Ruto's Son Who Is A Pilot
File image of President William Ruto’s son, George Kimutai Ruto. |Photo| Courtesy|

Background & Education

George is President Ruto’s youngest son. He holds an undergraduate degree in computer science from Strathmore University. He is currently pursuing a course in aviation.

He has five siblings, one brother and four sister. His eldest brother, Nick Ruto, 35, is a lawyer by profession.

His sister June Ruto is the second born in the family. She holds a degree in International Communication and works as a diplomat serving as a Diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Charlene Ruto, the third-born in the family, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Daystar University and a Masters in Hospitality and Business Administration at the Les Roches Global Hospitality Education in Bluche, Switzerland. She is currently the Director of PR and Branding at Weston Hotel in Nairobi.

Little is known of Stephanie and Cullie Ruto, the two are, however,  said to be in school. Their youngest sister Nadia Cherono Ruto is still in school.


Little is known of George’s professional career, however, reports indicate that the young Ruto is currently enrolled in college where he is pursuing a course in aviation. He also holds a computer science degree but there is no public record of his practice in this field.

Grooming & Style

Being the president’s son, George is as well dressed as they come. During his father’s inauguration, the two donned matching outfits, adding to their uncanny resemblance. However, while the head of state prefers a clean shave, George wears an afro.

In a video that has since gone viral, President Ruto could be heard lecturing his son on the choice of his hairstyle, but George was quick to defend his look, explaining to his father that afros are a style preferred by the younger generation.

He first became an internet sensation when he accompanied his father during a visit to Uganda in 2018. Images of George recently went viral with women thirsting over the young Ruto.