Georgina Njenga: On Meeting And Falling In Love With Baha, Starting A Family And Dealing With Scandal

Georgina Njenga: On Meeting And Falling Love With Baha, Starting A Family And Dealing With Scandal

By Prudence Minayo

Georgina Njenga is a Kenyan content creator. She joined YouTube in 2019 and quickly gained traction owing to her relationship with Tyler Mbaya, alias Baha. Through her YouTube channel, she has shared videos covering a wide range of topics with her fans, some of which have amassed hundreds of thousands of views. She also has over 200,000 followers on Instagram. 

Here is her story as told by WoK.

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The content creator has over 270,000 subscribers and more than 40 videos on YouTube.  Her channel also boasts of more than 11 million views. Her videos range from pranks, lifestyle to snippets of her relationship with Tyler. 

Thanks to her consistency, she has worked with a number of brands.

Relationship with Tyler 

Like many others,  Georgina was a fan of the popular drama series Machachari. As kids, they would often role play acting as different characters in the show. She was particularly fond of Tyler Mbaya.

Later, they were able to connect through a mutual friend called Nina. Through her channel, the couple shared their story revealing that Baha was looking for a girlfriend and enlisted Nina’s help. Nina, knowing Georgina had a liking for the actor, asked her to send pictures so she could show the actor. This was followed by a meeting and after a few ups and downs, they began dating seriously and moved in together. 

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The couple welcomed their daughter Astra Kamau in 2022. The baby was born before the due date and had to stay in an incubator. The loving parents went on to get matching tattoos of their baby. While this was met with varied reactions, Georgina defended the decision saying she was not new to tattoos. She added that they didn’t get tattoos of each other but of their daughter. Hence, even if they go their separate ways, their daughter will always be a part of their lives. 


In a past post on IG she praised her mother for having singlehandedly raising two children. Later, she revealed that her father was deceased.

“My father’s day to the most amazing Dad in heaven ❤️ i never grew to know you but i know you were a hero😖❤️17 years without you has been hectic but im a strong girl now. Continue resting in peace,” she posted on social media. 

Leaked Video 

He raunchy video were leaked on Telegram sparking varied reactions from social media users. Responding to Edgar Obare who had reached out to her to give her side of the story, she said it was taken when she was 17 and was probably leaked by her ex who is not happy with her success. 

Responding to the accusation, the person alleged to have leaked the video said he didn’t do it. He added that she used to sell nudes and it was probably leaked by one of her clients.

Baha has shown support to the mother of his child.

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