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Shorn Arwa: How I Made Millions From Content Creation In The UK

Shorn Arwa, a talented content creator from Kenya, has experienced an interesting journey since relocating to the United Kingdom.

Her decision to move was driven by the desire to find a place where her craft would be appreciated and rewarded.

In her home country, Shorn faced challenges when her unique content couldn’t fit into predefined categories, resulting in missed opportunities.

However, her fortunes took a significant turn in the UK, where her creativity found recognition and financial success.

Recently, Shorn Arwa shared her gratitude on Instagram for receiving her first million as a content creator in the UK.

“Today I got my first couple of millions as a content creator, and on such days I thank God I relocated to a place where my craft is acknowledged and appreciated.” She wrote on her Instagram Post.

She expressed her appreciation for relocating to a country where her work is acknowledged and valued.

“I remember one time asking someone “big” in Kenya for some gig and he said “we can`t categorize you anywhere, we do not know what to do with your type of content. I felt so sad for real but today that type of content that couldn’t be categorized back home gave me a couple of millions,” she said.

Beyond her personal success, Shorn Arwa is also focused on encouraging other aspiring content creators.

“Why am I posting this? I want to encourage that little content creator who isn`t able to fit in the aesthetics of “cool girl”

“I want to let her know that it is okay to be different, keep going the right people will know exactly what to do with your type of creativity, “she said.

Shorn urges them to embrace their uniqueness and persevere, assuring them that the right people will recognize and appreciate their creativity.

By sharing her own victories, she aims to motivate others and let them know that they are on the right path.

However, the decision to relocate was not without its emotional challenges. Leaving behind her family, friends, and familiar surroundings was a bittersweet experience for Shorn.

She reminisces about her farewell party, where loved ones gathered to bid her farewell and offer their support.

Although she cherished her memories of Kenya, she remains determined to explore the opportunities that her new home provides.

Since relocating, Shorn Arwa has been living a dream life.

Her husband surprised her with a BMW X1, exceeding their initial plan to purchase a smaller car for her driving practice.

Later, when she expressed her desire for a car that truly reflected her personality, her husband went above and beyond by gifting her a BMW X3.

Additionally, her husband’s promised to buy her a brand new Tesla.

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