Grace Msalame: Multi-Million Luxury Business She Co-owns With Jeff Koinange

Grace Msalame: Multi-Million Luxury Business She Co-owns With Jeff Koinange

Grace Msalame, a media personality and entrepreneur, has become a prominent figure in Kenya’s fashion industry. She is the co-founder of Mali Collection, a thriving watch and accessories company for men and women who appreciate style. 

Here is her remarkable journey from her early career to her current venture, and her continued success in inspiring and empowering others as told by WoK

Earlier Career

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Msalame’s media journey began at KISS TV, where she served as a host, producer, and director. Her ability to connect with viewers and deliver engaging content earned her recognition and paved the way to the Nation Media Group. 

Additionally, Msalame has been hosting a daily inspirational lifestyle show, further expanding her reach and impact in the media landscape.

A Passion for Fashion and Entrepreneurship

The TV presenter cofounded Mali Luxuries, a company that offers high-end watches, bracelets, scarves, and premium hand-made Italian-inspired sunglasses.

She co-owns the company with Citizen TV news anchor and host of JKL Show Jeff Koinange. 

Msalame’s dedication to curating exceptional products has made Mali a sought-after brand among individuals who value quality and style.

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Product range

According to Msalame, Mali Collection comes in five premium models. Two of their automatic timepieces are built for sophistication while the three quartz timepieces are designed for elegance and simplicity.

The watches use world class movement from renowned manufacturers like Seiko, Hattori, and Seagull, and feature top-of-the-line 316L premium stainless casings.

The watches are waterproof with the luxury models waterproofed up to 100 meters.

Media Career

The media personality has made significant contributions to the media industry.

She has hosted “Unscripted With Grace,” a popular show aired on NTV, where she engages with guests on various topics, from lifestyle and entertainment to personal growth and inspiration. 

Her charismatic presence and expertise in TV production have solidified her position as a respected host and producer.

Social Media Influence

Grace Msalame’s influence extends beyond traditional media platforms. As an online content creator and social media marketer, she has built a strong following across various digital channels.

With a YouTube channel called “Life By Grace,” Msalame shares her personal journey, life lessons, and inspirational messages. Through this platform, she aims to motivate and inspire others to live authentically and embrace God’s grace. 

Her genuine approach and commitment to uplifting others have earned her a devoted online community.

Awards and Recognitions

Grace Msalame’s remarkable achievements have been acknowledged through prestigious awards and honors. In 2016, she was recognized as one of the Top 40 Under 40 Women, highlighting her exceptional contributions and impact in her field. 

Additionally, she received the Woman in Business Award in 2017, further cementing her status as a successful female entrepreneur and influencer.

Making a Difference

Beyond her professional endeavors, the 36 year old is actively involved in various causes.

She supports initiatives focused on arts and culture, children, economic empowerment, and poverty alleviation. Her dedication to giving back and creating positive change exemplifies her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

Next, what’s she upto?

Her journey as an entrepreneur, media personality, and influencer has made her an icon in Kenya’s fashion and media industries.

Through Mali Luxuries, she has redefined affordable luxury, providing stylish accessories to individuals who value quality and elegance. Msalame continues to inspire and motivate millions, sharing her life experiences and encouraging others to embrace their authentic selves.

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