Here Are Kenya’s Best And Worst Paying Jobs

A survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) held in 2021 has revealed Kenya’s best and worst paying jobs.

According to the official report, international NGOs and the financial services sector are the highest paying jobs in the Kenyan employment market.

On the other hand, household activities sectors which employ workers such as maids are the lowest paying jobs.

For instance in 2021, a employees working with NGOs took home an average salary of KSh 313,000 a month.

The average monthly pay for employees working with organizations such as the World Bank, the UN and the United States Agency for International Development (USAid) stood at KSh 308,330 in 2020.

The financial services sectors which comprise of banks, insurance firms and investment companies is the second highest paying as employees took home an average monthly pay of KSh 173,443 in 2021.

Employees working in the energy sector firms are the third-highest paid in the country with an average monthly salary of KSh 173, 104.

Others are administrative and support services (KSh 144,539), transport and storage (KSh 128,010), professional, scientific and technical activities(KSh 123,222) and ICT (KSh 96,244) a month on average.

Workers in household activities sectors earn KSh 24,3567 per month in 2021 while those in water supply and waste management (Sh24,907) earned KSh 24,907 and KSh 27,280 respectively.

Others were the agricultural sector which saw workers attract a monthly salary of KSh 31,469 while accommodation and food services saw workers earn a monthly pay of KSh 37,393.