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High Schools Attended By Top Five Kenyan Female Comedians 

  • Some of the high schools attended by top five Kenyan female comedians hardly make headlines
  • This comedians have gone on to become big names in the local entertainment scene

The notion that art is a reserve of weak students is quickly changing especially with the introduction of the competence based curriculum by the Kenyan government. 

Kenyans who are talented in sports and the arts are now making a decent living from their trade. 

In this article, WoK looks at the high schools the top ten Kenyan female comedians attended. 

Awinja-Kegoye High School in Western, Kenya

Nothing lifts a gloomy mood like a good laugh. In the midst of an economic crisis, nothing is more calming than watching Awinja, real name Jacky Vike, funny videos on YouTube and social media. The comedian attended Kegoye High School in Western Kenya. 

Mammito-Silanga Mixed Secondary School

She ranks among the best Comeddiene in Kenya. Eunice Wanjiru Njoki, popularly known as Mammito, joined Gatero Girls High School in Nyahururu in 2008. She left the institution when she was in Form Three to join Silanga Mixed Secondary School, Kibera where she sat her final KCSE examination in 2011.

Cartoon Comedian-Einstein Day School

The funnywoman became a hit with her ‘inaniaffect’ line. She has millions of views on her YouTube channel as well as her social media accounts. Vanessa Akinyi, known to many as simply Cartoon Comedian, was a student at Kiambu High School before joining Einstein Day School where she sat for her final KCSE exams. 

Naomi Kuria-Kiangonyi Girls High School in Kangema

Another big time comedian. Her rise to the top was not an easy one. Brought in poverty, she wanted to change the story of her family and comedy proved the way out of her past. Naomi Kuria attended Kiangonyi Girls High School in Kangema. 

Zeddy Zainabu-St. Teresa’s Girls Secondary School 

This list will be incomplete without mentioning Zeddy Zainabu. She was a regular on Churchil Show and impressed while at it. The comedian attended St. Teresa’s Girls Secondary School in Mombasa.

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