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Naomi Kuria: From Mama Fua Earning Ksh350 To Becoming A Top Female Comedian 

Naomi Kuria is a well known content creator in Kenya. Through her wit and creativity, she has become a darling to many and clinched her space as one of the funniest content creators in the region.

This is her story as told by WoK

Background and Education 

The funny-woman was born in Nairobi in the late 80s as the last born in a family of three children.

The family then relocated to the village where she ended up attending local schools in Kangema, Murang’a county.

She then attended Kiangonyi Girls High School in Kangema in her home county. Speaking to Obinna TV, she said she was a naughty student but teachers didn’t suspect anything as she looked innocent.

At one time, they even organized a strike which was unsuccessful. The students who were involved were expelled but she remained in school as no one snitched on her. 

Naomi confessed that she wasn’t a performer in school.

Later, she joined a college in Ruiru to pursue a course in journalism. At the time, they lived in Githurai with their late father who was a Tuk Tuk driver. 

Starting a business 

Naomi Kuria would often ask for lifts while returning home from school as she had no money for fare.

This changed when a man who had given her lift tried to take advantage of her. Instead of driving her to her home in Githurai, he took a detour to his house. The comedian doesn’t recall how she got to his house and suspects she might have been drugged.

To free herself from the man who was trying to take advantage of her, she screamed for help and the neighbours acted in good time to save her.

At 1AM she was out in the cold with teared clothes walking to Githurai.

This inspired her to start a business and that how she began selling chocolates in college. 

At one point, their father told them (her and the sister) to move out of his house. They used to live with their father in a small single house that was very congested.

The sisters found a house and the eldest agreed to take care of rent while Naomi took care of the food.

The house they found was very small with rats being their companion. The house was next to a dam and the living conditions were terrible. She stopped selling chocolates and started washing clothes for people and later selling shoes. 

She was paid Ksh350 for doing laundry.

Moving up 

Later, they moved to a bedsitter in Kasarani and continued to do odd jobs. By 2019, she was employed but decided to quit to venture into comedy.

Her first two videos going viral also inspired her to quit the job. When Covid-19 hit, she was doing comedy and her channel blew up.

She would often post videos where she came off as aggressive and would hit on men without shame. Even as she gained a bit of fame, life was still difficult.

At some point, she slept outside as she was behind rent and was helped by fellow content creator, Auntie Jemima

Today, her channel has over 100k subscribers and more than 350 videos. She has worked with various brands and completely changed the trajectory of her life.