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Highest Earning YouTubers in Kenya in 2021

In this social media era, a lot of Kenyans and netizens worldwide have eked out a living from making and sharing videos on YouTube.

The space has provided creative minds with the opportunity to be self employed, sharing their lives, life hacks, entertainment videos, among several other types of content with the world and get paid for it.

The platform rewards its users by partnering with them and sharing the advertising revenue with them. Advertisers pay YouTube and it shares that revenue with you the owner of the video.

Initially, the platform was set up for music, where artists would share videos of their songs and fans would watch and like and share all for free. It later introduced vlogging which allowed for paid partnerships and advertisements, enabling creative minds to make a living out of it.

Most YouTube celebrities in the country, do what they do just to do it. A majority create their content from the day to day happenings; from past cultural practices, politics, traditional ways, make up videos, recipes.

These celebrities command a massive audience that poses the opportunity to earn as they entertain or educate. It may, however, take time before one can attract quality rates and viewership.

However, making money on YouTube does not entirely depend on the  number of subscribers and views you have, but also on the level of engagement you generate, the niche you cater to, and the revenue channels you explore.

To begin earning from the platform, you have to identify your audience and the content you want to disseminate, create a YouTube channel and then embark on making videos. You can only earn from your own original videos.

You need a minimum watch time of 4000 hours and at least 1000 subscribers to start earning revenue. All Google publishers and Partners are paid through Google’s AdSense service.

On this segment, Whownskenya.com looks at some of the highest paid YouTubers in Kenya.

Timothy Njuguna

Popularly known as Njugush, Timothy Njuguna is the leading earner from YouTube in Kenya.

File image of comedian Njugush. |photo| Courtesy|

He boasts over 509,000 subscribers and over 61 million views for his content. The comedian tailors his content to portray the humour in the daily lives of ordinary Kenyans.

Njugush is a household name in the country’s comedic scene and this has seen him partner with other celebrities including musicians to generate content.

His following has seen him earn endorsements and paid partnerships with brands such as telecommunications giant Safaricom, KFC among others.

Henry Desagu

The former Kenyatta University student from Mwihoko, Kiambu County is among the highest earning YouTubers in Kenya.

He is famed for his comic videos, that revolve around the everyday struggles of Kenyans and the youth at large.

Desagu boasts 579,000 subscribers, 350 videos and over 15 million views for his content. This has seen him earn endorsements and partnerships, from which he makes extra cash.

Maxine Wabosha

The University of Nairobi Economics graduate is among the leading earners from YouTube in the country.

She commands a following of 209,000 subscribers, 326 videos with over 14 million views.

Wabosha is a darling to many for her amazing make-up, skin care, fashion and travel videos. She has also made videos on hair care.

This has seen her earn money from not ads alone but also paid partnerships, including a deal she previously had with Nivea.

Joanna Kinuthia

The YouTuber is famed for her numerous informative vlogs on makeup, general skincare, entrepreneurship and wellness.

She boast 140,000 subscribers, 42 videos and over 12 million views for her content. The platform has enabled her to partner with cosmetic and make up brands, earning her more money as a result.

Chebet Ronoh

The YouTuber is also among the leading earners on the platform, and has made a name for herself for her comic and reaction videos.

She started her channel in 2017 and has since gained 124,000 subscribers and boast over 3 million views for her content.

She uses humour to connect with her audience, portraying the fun in trending issues, and life scenarios. She has also been able to collaborate with celebrities including Nick Mutuma, Kamene Goro and Pascal Tokodi  to generate content for her channel.

This has paid off for her as she landed a radio presenting job.

Over 25

This is a group of YouTubers comprising four ladies, Ivy Mugo, Julia Gaitho, Lorna Muchemi and Michelle Wanjiku.

They boast 105,000 subscribers, 121 videos and over 6 million views for their content. Their content revolves around the challenges faced by middle aged single and married women in Kenya revolving around relationships, sexuality, money and entrepreneurship.

They have often been commended for their holistic approach to important conversations that should be had by women in society.

Over 25, now invites professionals, celebrities and their friends to discuss important topics. This makes their viewers eagerly anticipating for the next episode.

Crazy Kennar

The comedian has earned himself a name as one of the funniest individuals in the country.

His short videos, majorly under 1 minute have had him nicknamed the Kenyan Charli Chaplin, after the American comedic actor, arguably the funniest or one of the funniest of all time.

Kennar tailors his content around the everyday struggles of ordinary Kenyans using humour.

He boasts 314 subscribers, 265 videos and over 15 million views for his content.

Kennar recently launched his restaurant dubbed Instant Delicacies in Juja, Kiambu County. This can only mean he is raking in some good cash from his YouTube hustle.

The Green Calabash

The family started their channel about five years ago and have grown it to have 83,300 subscribers, 305 videos and over 9 million views for their content.

Their content revolves around what happens on a regular basis in an ordinary Kenyan family and the challenges one can face. They have sometimes been criticised for oversharing but their content is very relatable.

Mungai Eve

The Kenyan YouTuber boasts 190,000 subscribers, over 500 videos and over 18 million views. She runs the channel alongside her boyfriend Director Trevor.

Most of their content revolves around celebrity interviews and

The couple recently revealed that they earn about Ksh1.5 million per month from their channel.

Sharon Mundia

The YouTuber boasts 70,400 subscribers, 206 videos and ovr 6 million views for her content niched around her being a working wife and mother.

The media personality also vlogs about her travels and amazing destinations she has visited.

She also vlogs on fashion and home deco.

Flaqo Raz

Flaqo is one of the funniest and most creative YouTubers in the country. His content has been hailed by a majority of netizens for his ability to play multiple roles all in one video.

His comedy revolves around the lives of ordinary Kenyans and trending topics in the Kenyans and global entertainment and political scenes.

He has 393,000 subscribers, 100 videos with over 5 million views for his content.

This has seen him earn endorsements with companies such as Bidco, among others, earning him extra cash.