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Househelps Of Kawangware: Onyi Bio, Family, Controversy And Pay Per Episode

One of the most popular long running local sitcom on Kenyan television is ‘the Real Househelps of Kawangware’ (TRHK). Some of original cast members ditched the show now aired on NTV but its allure remains. With the exit of Njugush-real name Timothy Kimani Ndegwa- and celebrated scriptwriter Abel Mutua, many thought TRHK would loose flavor and die a natural death. The program has remained a must watch with characters like Onyi-who is the subject of this piece- remaining ever fresh.

So, who is the Real Househelp of Kawangware Onyi?
The dreadlocked actor was among the first cast members of TRHK during its formative years on KTN. Onyi played the ruthless thug who used sheer force to have his way. He appeared in most of the episodes until recently.

Show Gets New Home
Unlike in the early shows, Onyi has been left out for long period if not for cameo appearances. His diminishing roles to the chagrin of his fans.

Just like the characters he plays, Onyi has a short temper which he shared during a cooking show. He told the host that he has been having issues with the bottle and needs advice on anger management. Onyi was caught on camera fighting a reveler over a woman. It was alleged the man by the name Divecent had snatched his girlfriend.
Tulia buda! Cheki acheni utiaji buda! Acheni ufala! Acheni hizo buda! Onyi acha ufala! Hizi ni aibu gani hizi!? Hii ni ufala!” loosely translated: (Take it easy…stop this nonsense Onyi..You are embarrassing yourself with this stupidity)

The video went viral and was reported by several blogs.

Marital Status
The actor is married. More information to be updated.

How Much Does Onyi?
Rough estimates put his pay per episode at between kshs5,000 but not more than kes10,000.

Peripheral Role
He seems not to be considered as a mainstay actor. Unlike the other actors, Onyi has not been appearing on promotional TRHK interviews.

Onyi real name
To be updated Next