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Top Ten Best Gyms In Nairobi, Prices And Location

By Dickens Luvanda
More Kenyans are keen on a healthy lifestyle and what a better way of achieving this than by engaging in a well programmed exercise routine. Gyms are sprouting to take advantage of this welcome phenomena that was only associated with weightlifters. Here are the top ten most popular gyms in Nairobi.

Classy, well equipped yet affordable disabusing the notion that gyms are for the well off. Outside of Europe, easyGym at Thika Road Mall (TRM) is the first of its kind in Africa. At only kes2,500 ($25), you can enjoy the service of professional trainers, free PACK45 classes and first-class amenities. The gym opens its doors at 5am and closes at 10PM.

Smart Gyms
It is located at Southfield Mall, Embakasi.

It boast of top of the range equipment and offers affordable rates.

Upon registering as a member, one gets free classes, personalized workouts.

“There are no shortcuts to a healthy lifestyle. We offer personalized fitness classes which will motivate you let’s go at it together. The gym relieves stress let us help you elevate your health and fitness goals,” says the Smart Gyms.

It has a monthly price rates of Ksh3,500.

Their hours of operation are from Mon-Sun: 5.00am – 10.00 pm

Shani Active Gym

Prices for this gym are divided according to the number of sessions a customer wants.

For 12 sessions the price is about Ksh15,000, for six sessions, the price is Ksh7,500 while for individuals sessions, the price is around Ksh1,500.

Premier Fitness Centre

Apart from boxing, Premier Fitness Centre offers indoor cycling, yoga, pilates, cardio fitness and full body workout.

Here, prices vary depending on the type of membership a customer wants.

Students rate is about Ksh6,000 per month while the annual price for corporate individuals is Ksh45,000 during peak hours. The prices are affordable even for non-members.

The gym is located along Koinange Street in Nairobi town.

Racing Sports Gym

Located in Westlands Nairobi, Racing Sports Gym boasts of more than 15 years of experience.

To access the gym and all the services here, one has to pay a onetime membership subscription fee of Ksh500 and an annual subscription of Ksh55,000 or Ksh38,900 for off-peak hours.

You can as well use this gym during off-peak hours of between 8 am to 5 pm by paying a monthly charge of Ksh3,990.

Other prices include a three-month membership subscription of Ksh15,500 or a one month price of Ksh5,500.

Crossfit Kwetu Gym

Located along Nairobi’s Giri Giri lane, Crossfit Kwetu Gym gives a one on one training session with for Ksh14, 000.

10 classes can last up to 6 weeks with a Ksh12,500 price. A customer can also opt to pay the open gym fee of Ksh7,000 per month.

Exercises such as gymnastics, body weight training, Olympic weightlifting, swimming are available here.

Arena Health and Fitness Centre

With high standard equipment, instructors at Arena Health and Fitness Centre provide services such as aerobic, cardio exercises, weight training and boxing.

Located in Sarit Centre in Westlands, this gym also offers outdoor work out sessions that can go for as little as Ksh1,200.

Membership for customers who want to visit during weekdays from betwee 10 am to 1 pm is about Ksh6,000. One can as well pay between Ksh11,000 to Ksh13,000 to get access it during peak hours.

This gym also offers yoga classes for kids for Ksh500.

Samto Fitness Centre

Located in Nairobi West with more than 1,000 active members, this gym prides itself on offering lively fitness classes such as Tae Bo, Zumba, Aero Step aerobics and Aero-Toning.

This gym also has every type of training equipment including heavyweight dumbbells, cardio machines and cross cable machin.

Goodlife Fitness Centre and Gym

Members here get access to zumba, salsa, aerobic, full body workouts, body toning, yoga, bodybuilding and other cardio programs

Goodlife Fitness Centre and Gym opens from 5:30 am to 10.00 pm and is located in Kasarani along Thika Road.

Top Ten Gyms In Nairobi, Prices And Location
This is common in low income estates Photo/Courtesy

Colosseum Fitness Centre

This centre offers a wide range of training in pole dancing, Muay Thai, self-defense and boxing.

One gets access to its services by paying a monthly fee of Ksh5,00.

With Ksh1,000 a customer can get a one-on-one training session with an experienced instructor.

The fitness centre is located at Adams Arcade, along Ngong Road, Nairobi.

Parklands Sports Club Gym

It offers different aerobic sessions such as low impact aerobics, high-intensity aerobics and circuit aerobics. It also has marathon classes, power yoga, spin classes, circuit training, rumba, songa dance and high explosive training.

The gym is located at Parklands Sports Club, Nairobi and it opens from 4 am to 9 pm.