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How To Own And Register An Aircraft In Kenya And Fees 

Most aircrafts in Kenya are owned by politicians and the very wealthy. It’s expensive to maintain these toys as our earlier article affirmed. That aside, the registration process is rather tedious compared to when you purchase a car from a dealer. The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) is mandated to register civil aircrafts in the country.

Here is the process of registering an aircraft as detailed by WoK

Documents that are required for registration:

Prospective applicants must submit a fully completed Form: AC-AWS001C. You can obtain this form by downloading from the KCAA website or visiting their branch offices. 

The form should be accompanied by the following:

a) The full specification of the aircraft including the type, model, serial number. 

b) Type certificate or equivalent document. 

c) Supplementary type certificates (if applicable). 

d) Type certificate data sheet. 

e) Statement of compliance on the civil aviation (Instruments and Equipment) Regulations 2018. 

f) Export Certificate of Airworthiness. 

g) Compliance with the current KCAA Aircraft ‘B2, ‘B3’, and ‘A9’ Notices. 

h) Copy of the current Certificate of Registration (if applicable). 

i) Serial numbers of major components (e.g. engines, and propellers as applicable). 

j) Make and Part numbers of avionics and equipment installation.

k) Airworthiness Directives (AD’s) status report. 

l) A copy of the current Certificate of Airworthiness (if any). 

m) Current and historical maintenance records. 

n) Availability of a KCAA Approved Maintenance Organization with capability on aircraft type.

Other documents that must provided to KCAA include:

a) A document to prove aircraft ownership (e.g. Bill of Sale); 

b) Copy of a Government issued Identity Card or Passport as appropriate 

c) A certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation if owned by a company; 

d) Names of directors of the company owning or leasing the aircraft and their specimen signatures giving authority to register the aircraft and indicating who among them has the mandate to transact on their behalf on matters of registration. 

e) A certified copy of the Lease Agreement if the aircraft is on lease CAA-AC-AWS001D July 2018 Page 3 of 6 

f) Letter of authority (if the application is made on behalf of the owner (s) 

g) A certified copy of a current aircraft insurance certificate 

h) Proof of payment of prescribed fees 


An aircraft is eligible for registration if it is

  1. either owned or leased by a citizen of Kenya, an individual citizen of a foreign State who is lawfully admitted for residency in Kenya, a corporation lawfully organized and doing business under the laws of Kenya, or a government entity of Kenya; and
  2. not registered under the laws of any foreign country.


  • Registration of a glider Ksh. 6,000
  • Registration of a balloon Ksh. 10,000
  • Registration of aeroplanes, helicopters or gyroplanes Ksh. 15,000
  • Additional charges for any special registration Ksh. 45,000
  • Reservation of special Registration Marks Series Ksh. 20,000
  • Aircraft Certificate of Registration Cancellation. Ksh. 10,000
  • Inspection and acceptance of an aircraft on the Kenyan Register is 30% of fee for issuance of C of R
  • Copy of the Civil Aircraft Register Ksh. 3,000