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Inside David Ndii Palatial Home And The Company He Owns

Economist David Ndii is a man known for speaking his mind, the repercussions notwithstanding. He was a critic of former President Uhuru Kenyatta Jubilee administration economic policies and it did not come as a surprise when President William Ruto absorbed in his administration as an economic adviser.

A tweep lambasted Dr Ndii for being a theorist yet he owned nothing.

The economist responded by sharing photos of his palatial home complete with a bar and library.

Photos of David Ndii’s house

Ndii’s library inside his imposing house Photo/Twitter
Inside David Ndii Palatial Home And The Company He Chairs
One of the five German Shepherds He Owns
Inside David Ndii Palatial Home And The Company He Chairs
and a bar for Ndii Photo/Twitter

Another critic was of the view that David Ndii, like most academicians, is all mouth but has “no skin in the game”. He said of the economist and his lot:

“The problem with academics like @DavidNdii is they have no skin in the game. They comment on the economy, but don’t own businesses, aren’t entrepreneurs, don’t own hedge funds where they actually have to manage money, etc, etc”

Well, Ndii is the chairman of board of directors of Zimele Asset Management Company.
The company, atleast according to the About US section of its website, started its “core business of providing fund management services”in August 1998.

Zimele has morphed to managing funds under Zimele Unit Trust and the Zimele Pension Schemes. Part of the site reads:

“In addition, Zimele offers investment advisory services to a range of individual and corporate clients.

Zimele has more than 15 years of experience in the management of pooled funds and is recognized as a leading retail investment management service provider.

The diversity and high level of professionalism of our team on investment research, pension administration and fund management has allowed us to meet and exceed customer expectations. Our aim as a team is to ensure that our clients receive high quality service at all times.”

So Ndii is not all about criticizing; he actually manages ‘something’.