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Maina Kageni Salary At Classic 105 FM

The duo of Maina Kageni and funny man Daniel Ndambuki, popularly known as Mwalimu King’ang’i, have dominated the radio morning show market share for years and they are not slowing down. Kageni is in a league of his own. He resonates with listeners of all classes, and, it would not be an exaggeration if this writer crowns him the king of radio. The topics covered on his show may border on the banal; but it’s how he gives the subject freshness that grips listeners.

Being the king of radio, it’s obvious his life is of interest to many. One of the most searched topics on the interwebs is how much Maina Kageni earns at Classic 105 FM.

So how much does he earn?
According to an article appearing on SDE titled ‘Sh2 million a month? Kenya’s seven top earning radio mega stars’, Kageni’s salary is put at kes1.2 million to a staggering kes1.8 million per month. With that salary, Maina Kageni tops the highest paid radio personality in the country.
However, another article appearing on KahawaTungu seemed to water down the misconception that radio presenters earn millions of shillings.

Maina Kageni salary
The radio presenters does not earn anywhere near kes1.8 million, or other exaggerated figures shared on the mainstream media and blogs. His take home is kes655,070, a decent amount by any standards. This still makes him one of, if not the, top earners in the highly competitive media industry.

Other hustles
He co-owns a modeling agency in Lagos with the P-Square brothers.

Maina Kageni Salary At Classic 105 FM
Maina Kageni’s Karen Home Photo/Courtesy

What does he own
Maina Kageni is said to own property in Miami and Florida. He has a multi-million home in Karen. The radio presenter is a lover of German machines if his fleet of cars is anything to go by. He drives a BMW X6; or his shs10 million Jaguar XF and at times a Chevrolet.