‘Inspekta Mwala’ Constable Ngure Biography, Real Name, Age, Career, Girlfriend and Family 

‘Inspekta Mwala’ Constable Ngure Biography, Real Name, Age, Career, Girlfriend and Family 
Constable Ngure Made Headlines When He Went Missing But Was Later Found Image/Courtesy

Inspekta Mwala was one of the most popular TV sitcoms that aired on Citizen TV. The show vividly portrayed how police handled victims of crime and criminals at the Kona Mbaya Police Station. The cast included Ngure, who is the subject of this biography. 

The actor executed his role so well and has garnered thousands of followers on social media. He has kept his life out of the limelight until recently. 

Real Name

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His real name is Bonventure Wangara. 


The famous actor is 37 years old.


He made a name on Inspekta Mwala where he plays a comic police alongside the likes of Abdi. In his role, he respected and feared Inspekta Mwala and wanted to work according to the rules. However, Ngure is surrounded by mischievous cops and finds it hard to stay out of trouble thanks to them.


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The actor set the internet ablaze when his family reported him missing. He had last been seen near his home in Athi River.

Fortunately, nothing bad happened as he was found safe and sound. 

According to information provided by the sister, he went out to enjoy drinks with his friends who took him home later because he was drunk. 

However, he left the house again and never returned, prompting his roommate to call his family and report that he had never returned home. A good samaritan spotted him and took him to Athi River police station from where he was picked by the family. 


The actor has a babymama.


Not much is available about his family. However, people got to know they are a tight unit after he went missing and they reached out to the police and social media for help. He has a sister named Florence Nashami Wangara and a brother and perhaps other siblings.


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