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Jane Ngoiri Biography, Age, Education, Family and Career

By Prudence Minayo

Jane Ngoiri is one of the most popular Swahili news anchor in Kenya with the Nation Media Group. Her unique voice, coupled with her ability to connect with viewers has endeared her to many. While most female news anchors dress provocatively, Jane has a modest but very classy fashion sense. She was one of the first female news anchor in Kenya to present news with a bow and a tie. 

The journalist can also be described as fun and engaging, especially as evidenced in a video she shared on social media. Together with a colleague, they shared a hilarious video of them playing the role of rowdy matatu touts. She even swings on the door of the NTV Land cruiser the same way touts do in a matatu.


 Jane is in her thirties. She was born of a Taita mother and a Kikuyu father. The journalist was born and raised in Nairobi. The lowest moment in her life was when she lost her dad to cancer at the age of 78. 


Jane went to Kongoni Primary school before joining Pangani High School, a top performing school in Kenya.

From Pangani, she proceeded to Daystar University where she studied Journalism.


Being a famous personality makes one vulnerable to leaks about their private life but not this news anchor. For a long time, people wondered who she was dating until one day when she unveiled the face of her husband. 

Jane Ngoiri Biography, Age, Education, Family and Career
Jane Ngoiri’s Husband And Son Photo/Courtesy

The bubbly news anchor is married to Abdillahi Hussein. He is a Muslim but Ngoiri has remained a steadfast Christian. The two have been married since 2015 and fans got a chance to see his picture when she posted it on Instagram with the following message:

“ Happy Father’s Day to the world’s greatest dad. I appreciate and celebrate you everyday. I say thank you for the sleepless nights, for being there for our son Amir especially when I am working late. God bless you, Abdillahi Hussein,.#WorldsGreatestDad.”

In an interview with True Love magazine, she admitted that marrying a person from a different religion is not easy. There is always the pressure to change the dressing code and her name as well.

The two are blessed with a wonderful son, Amir. In 2018, she posted that her son was addicted to technology, hence, she had to take measures to stop it and also asked other mums to share their experiences.


Jane Ngoiri started by presenting English News at K24. One day a colleague, who was a Swahili reporter, fell sick and she stepped in. She presented the news so well and was allocated the Swahili news slot. Nation Media Group took note of her skills and offered her a job as an NTV Swahili presenter.

The lively personality was paired with Nimrod Taabu and the two had such an amazing rapport. It was a sad day for Jane when Nimrod left to join Royal Media Services. Currently, Jane still works at NTV delivering the 7 PM Swahili news in a fluent and engaging way.

The NTV journalist is also known for her great investigative pieces like the ‘Sisters of Death’ and Nairobi bum enhancers. Sisters of death was an expose about HIV positive women using ARVs given to them by the government to make alcohol. The women mixed the ARVs with chemicals from the mortuary then made alcohol for sale.